Media trends in Finland – five new articles

| 16 June 2020

Read five new analyses about Finnish media development. In focus: media economy and media consumption, and the markets for newspapers, periodicals and magazines, radio and television.

Statistics Finland now presents five online articles on Finnish media development, from the financial crisis of 2008/2009 to 2019/2020.

The first analysis is about the economic development of the media industry and the population’s media consumption in general, while the remaining analyses describe the development in each media sector, respectively – all in the light of digitalisation.

Throughout the articles, background data are available through links to the media statistics service online and surveys conducted by Statistics Finland.

Both the articles and statistics are published in English and Finnish.


Go to the Finnish mass media statistics table service (The articles are found under each media section, at the bottom of the page)

Or download the articles directly (PDF):
1/2020 Mass media economy and consumption in the 2010s
2/2020 Newspapers’ revenue has declined during the 2010s drastically
3/2020 Magazine market’s difficult decade
4/2020 Radio and other audio media during the 2010s
5/2020 Television’s metamorphosis


Statistics Finland is a member of Nordicom’s statistical network, and contributes data to the comparative Nordic media statistics.