NEWS | 21 Jun 2018

Media policy in Sweden and the EU

What rules must media companies in Sweden follow? In a recent
report on media policy, the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority describes the media regulation in Sweden and in the EU.

The report Mediepolitik [Media Policy] starts with a description of the EU media policy and the legislation that applies to the member states: the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, the Creative Europe support programme, and the EU digital single market strategy.

Thereafter follows a description of the Swedish regulation in the media field: the authorities, the system of media self-regulation, and media legislation. Finally, the report presents current government bills, investigations and political decisions concerning the media field.

The report is available in Swedish only. For English-speaking readers interested in media legislation in the Nordics, the EJC’s online resource Media Landscapes presents the media legislation for Finland, Norway and Sweden (plus 31 other countries).

Download the report Mediepolitik here

Report series: Mediepolitik [Media Policy] is part of the authority's report series Medieutveckling [Media Development], in which annual reports on media consumption, media economics (article in English about last year's edition) and media output also are published.


More reading: Nordicom's newsletter European Media Policy provides an update on policy developments at the European level, concentrating on news from the European Union. The newsletters are available for download and free subscriptions here.