The media landscape in 20 European countries

NEWS | 21 August 2017

The European Journalism Centre has published Media Landscapes, an online resource mapping the state of the media in 20 European countries. Among the Nordic countries, Finland, Norway and Sweden are represented.

Media Landscapes, previously a sub-section on the European Journalism Centre’s site, now has its own, updated dedicated site.  It features 20 expanded reports and additional facts, as well as comprehensive sourcing of all research.

The site involves 26 expert writers who have mapped the journalism ecosystem of 20 countries. Each country features details on the historical evolution of its media scene and the major players, then and now. Print, broadcast and digital outlets are covered, as are the relevant associations, professional bodies, unions and educational institutions. Each report then places this in a socio-political context of regulation, legislation and press freedom.

Read the country reports

About the European Journalism Centre, EJC: the Centre is an independent, international, non-profit foundation dedicated to the highest standards in journalism, inter alia through the further training of journalists and media professionals. Read more.