Media issues on the Nordic agenda 2018

NEWS | 12 December 2017

During Sweden’s presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers, media issues will have an important place on the Nordic agenda. Focus will be on empowering children and young people as conscious media users and countering disinformation on the Internet. 

Next year Sweden assumes the presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The programme focuses particularly on media and digitalisation issues. Some of these are: 

  • Children and young people as conscious media users: In our current media landscape, alternative sources for information are playing an increasingly important role. The Swedish presidency will prioritize empowering children and young people as conscious media users, while also protecting them from harmful media influences.
  • Disinformation and issues concerning freedom of expression: Deliberate disinformation and state-controlled propaganda activities online are becoming more common and undermining trust in institutions and traditional media actors. The discussion about the role of traditional news media and public service will be intensified. The Nordic Council of Ministers’ support of independent Russian-language media in the Baltic countries will continue.
  • Threats and hatred:  The climate of discussion and debate in the Nordic countries has become vitriolic, which can be seen in the threats and hatred targeted at elected representatives, journalists, and artists. The Swedish presidency will give particular attention to the safe haven system in the Nordic countries.

Sweden is taking over from Norway, who held the presidency during 2017.

Download the programme via Nordpub, the Nordic Council of Ministers’ common publication portal.