Media Innovation and Design in Cultural Institutions

This new Nordicom anthology looks at how cultural institutions, having traditionally been mainly concerned with knowledge preservation and presentation, are increasingly trying to enable audience participation and co-production. A major explanation behind this shift is the possibilities (and demands) brought about by new technology.


This book is structured in three parts:

  • The first part focuses on collaborative design and media innovation in museums. Here, collaborative design methods are discussed as vehicles for innovation in a museum setting.
  • The chapters in the second part reflect upon media making and meaning making. Here, it is demonstrated how various techniques can be used to contextualize and re-contextualize archival material to motivate new interpretations, engagement and cultural understanding.
  • Finally, the third part has its focus on civic engagement and local communities. In this part, focus is primarily on work and efforts carried out by local communities outside of the traditional institutions.


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