NEWS | 4 Dec 2017

Media Freedom Navigator compares media freedom indices worldwide

Media Freedom Navigator is a website developed by the German DW Akademie, where the users themselves, through navigating an interactive world map, can compare global press and development indices. 

For somebody who wants to find out how the world’s doing when it comes to media freedom, there are several different indices to turn to. To increase awareness of how these different indices are generated and how they compare to one another, the German organisation DW Akademie, working with international media development, has developed Media Freedom Navigator, a web service that compares the world’s media freedom index. 

The website consists of an interactive world map where eight global indices are compared. Among these are, for example, Reporters without Borders’ World Press Freedom Index, Media Freedom House’s Freedom of the Press Report and the UN’s Human Development Index. The idea is that Media Freedom Navigator will help raise awareness about how the different indices are generated and help users interpret what the rankings and indices are really saying, since each analysis has its own strengths and weaknesses. 

Image: Media Freedom Navigator, the interactive world map. 


Media Freedom Navigator is found on DW Akademie’s website 

Read more about the Media Freedom Navigator here 



Read more: DW Akademie is part of Deutsche Welle (DW) and is the German international broadcaster's centre of excellence for training and knowledge transfer. Media Freedom Navigator is based on DW Akademie’s guidebook Media Freedom Indices – What they tell us and what they don’t from 2014. The guidebook contains detailed information on the different indices’ backgrounds, methodologies, strengths and weaknesses. Download the guidebook here