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Media economy, media use and media policy in our Nordic newsletter

NEWSLETTER | 8 December 2021

How has the pandemic affected the media economy? Where can you find statistics on media habits? And what issues are on the media policy agenda? Read more in this new issue of Nordicom's Nordic newsletter.

Our latest newsletter presents you with reports on media economy in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. It also links to media policy reports and proposals, including the issue of adapting the media support system to a changing media landscape.

In the media use section, you find a new factsheet on media use surveys in Nordics, as well as links to national analyses on how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected media habits, and to European comparisons of Internet use and media trust.

Gender and media is another theme. A global study shows a slight improvement in the proportion of women in the Nordic news flow, while a Nordicom survey shows positive results in terms of gender equality in Swedish media companies.

New publications from Nordicom cover climate reporting in the Nordic media, people's struggle with technology in everyday life, and the culture and values of programmers.

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