The media development in Norway 2016-2017

Media habits and the media landscape are changing at a surprising pace. In a recent report, medianorway summarizes some of the key trends and developments in the Norwegian media field in recent years. (In Norwegian, but some statistics in English are available online.)
 | 8 January 2018

Media use has moved to online platforms and is becoming increasingly mobile. We read news, watch videos, and stream audio books and music on our mobile phones, which has consequences for both our media habits and the media content. At the same time, Norwegian media companies are challenged by the growing pressure from global competitors.

medianorway’s report Medieåret 2016-2017. Medieutvikling i Norge [The Media Year 2016-2017. Media development in Norway] is an attempt to capture and describe some of the changes the media are experiencing. It is published in Norwegian, but statistics in English can be found on medianorway’s website.

Eva Harrie

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