NEWS | 14 Oct 2015

Media Development in Denmark 2015

It costs Danish homes to keep up with media developments. Twenty years ago a household used about 5.5 per cent of its budget on media-related consumption items, while today the figure has risen to over 11 per cent; the increase has particularly taken off since 2004. The largest’s share is spent on telephones (purchases, subscriptions, call charges), TVs, PCs, etc. Also, mobile data traffic is increasing at great speed.

In the last two years, daily viewing of traditional TV for people aged 12-18 years has fallen by 46 minutes. For the oldest group (aged 70+), it is radio listening that has been hit: since 2008, this group’s radio listening has fallen by around 43 minutes. In turn, the older generation is increasingly using their mobile phone to access the Internet.

These and many other results can be found in the Danish Agency for Culture’s online report on media development in Denmark, published in June. A newly published English summary presents the most important conclusions from the report.

More media use trends:

Printed newspapers

  • 42.5 per cent of the Danish population read a printed newspaper every day; 58 per cent of the population read a local weekly newspaper on a weekly basis.
  • The national daily newspapers’ daily readership fell by nearly 3 per cent in the period 2013-2014.
  • The provincial newspapers’ readership fell by almost 9 per cent in the period 2013-2014.

Radio and traditional TV

  • Daily viewing of traditional TV has fallen 22 minutes in two years.
  • Public service TV increased its share from 55 per cent in 2013 to 58 per cent in 2014.
  • Public service radio’s share fell, while commercial radio increased its share during the last year (in 2013, 78 per cent for public service/22 per cent for commercial radio; in 2014, 75/25 per cent).


  • The share of the Danish population that uses a smartphone for Internet access increased from 51 per cent to 74 per cent from 2013 to 2014.
  • More than 60 per cent of mobile users have read or downloaded news on a smartphone or tablet.
  • More than half of the users of streaming services (film and TV) have increased their streaming consumption in the past year. For 40 per cent, the consumption has remained at the same level.

Download the summary (PDF)                    
Read the full report online (in Danish)


About the report: This is the second edition of the Danish Agency for Culture’s “Media Development in Denmark Report”. This year’s report is divided into a number of sections for TV, radio, newspapers, web, etc., with detailed analyses of the use of the relevant platforms. Industry sections cover a review of major media companies in Denmark and an analysis of Danish household media-related consumption.