The Media Barometer: First Results 2017

NEWS | 14 March 2018

Media Consumption Changes

The media landscape is generally characterized by major changes and media usage has become more digital; it is increasingly taking place via phones and tablets. Digital development divides the population and today we see, in particular, clear generation gaps in media usage.

Now we present the first results from the Media Barometer 2017. Read the compilation here


Media use in Sweden 2017: what has happened


  • The percentage of people subscribed to a printed newspaper has reduced. More and more people read newspapers on the web, even though the total proportion of newspaper readers is decreasing.
  • The total radio listening numbers have decreased in the past year but digital radio listening is increasing. In the age groups between 15 and 44 years, almost 20 percent listen to a web radio/podcast on a regular day.
  • Social media has long been a natural part of young people’s and young adults’ everyday media habits but even retirees use social media. The proportion is 33 percent in the age group 65 to 79 years.


  • Media time is increasing. We spend 5 hours and 59 minutes on media on an average day, this is an increase of 19 minutes from the previous year.
  • Media usage times are different among different age groups. The average for the age group 15-24 years is 454 minutes, just over 7.5 hours.
  • Time usage for traditional media on digital platforms has increased from 38 to 47 minutes on an average day. Pensioners spend a slightly longer time than other age groups on the digital daily newspaper.


Image: chart "Time spent with media 2017: 359 minutes "Gross use". 


The main publication

The main report of The Media Barometer will be released in April / May 2017. The publication contains comparisons of how the use of individual media has changed in different groups since 1979. The report focuses on, among other things, ...

  • Differences in media usage between different generations
  • News consumption on different platforms
  • Social media and YouTube
  • Subscription to digital services (all new data) 


Read and download the first resluts of the Media Barometer 2017 here (English version) 


About the Media Barometer
The survey was started in 1979 by SR/PUB in cooperation with the Newspaper Research Programme based at Gothenburg University. In 1994 the responsibility of The Media Barometer was taken over by Nordicom. The survey is based on telephone interviews with a random sample of the population aged 9-79 years. The Media Barometer asks people if they were using a specific medium yesterday and they then get to estimate for how long they used it. Based on the result, the media use among the population during an average day is measured. The Media Barometers also consist of follow up questions about possession and availability of different media/media technology. 



Karin Hellingwerf