The largest media groups in Norway 2017

NEWS | 26 September 2018

In 2017, Schibsted was again Norway’s largest media group after Danish Egmont, which took the top position in 2016. It is the Schibsted media houses – that is, the newspapers – that account for most of the group’s sales in Norway.

The largest media groups by turnover on the Norwegian media market 2017 (million NOK)

* The TV 2 Group’s turnover of 4,257 million NOK is marked.
Source: medianorway

Three quarters of Schibsted’s turnover in Norway come from newspapers, while online classifieds (including make up one quarter. Still, classified ads are far more profitable than newspapers. The profits from the classified ad companies are twice as high as for the newspapers: 657 million NOK compared to 331 million NOK.

Schibsted’s international classified ad businesses outside the Nordic region are also profitable, accounting for more than half the group’s total profit. But as Schibsted Media Group is now being reorganized into two companies, the classified ad business outside the Nordic region is separated as a company of its own, with the "old" Schibsted as its owner. However, Schibsted will retain its strong position in the Norwegian media sector, since both media houses and are retained in the company.

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Source: medianorway 19/09/2018
Edited by: Eva Harrie