NEWS | 8 Nov 2018

Just published: new Nordicom Review article

A new Nordicom Review article is published (online first), titled Experiences of External Interference Among Finnish Journalists. Prevalence, methods and implications. The author Ilmari Hiltunen answers a few questions about the findings. 

Image: the author Ilmari Hiltunen. 


In short, what is your article about? 
My article sheds light on how different external actors try to influence journalism and journalists in Finland. The aim is to provide broad empirical overview of different methods of active interference Finnish journalists have encountered and the implications external interference has to their journalistic work and autonomy.


What would you say are your most important findings?
While most types of external interference were encountered only rarely and sporadically by Finnish journalists, even perceived risk of interference has the potential to cause concern, chilling effect and self-censorship among the respondents. Acts of public harassment, defamation and intimidation, especially, should be therefore seen as actions intended to send a message not only to the victim but to other journalists as well. 


Was there any of the results that surprised you – how/in what way?
Some of the results might indicate that there is an emerging division among journalists between those who are encountering increasing levels of interference and those who hardly encounter it at all. This observation and its possible causes deserve further research.


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