NEWS | 31 Jan 2018

The journal Nordicom Information opens up communication

Open communication has become popular in the academy as well as in the media industry and among authorities. To introduce the spring issue of the journal Nordicom Information with the theme “openness in communication,” the journal will open its production process and invite anyone to follow the development of the issue or come up with ideas or input. 

The next issue of the journal Nordicom Information, which will be published in late May, examines what the widely used concept of openness really means — theoretically, practically and concretely. In order to follow the theme, the issue will be implemented according to principles of openness. 

“We will open the production process and welcome everyone who is interested to read our open documents, commenting on our lists of ideas or just following the issue’s development via Instagram,” says Maarit Jaakkola, one of the journal’s editors. 

Openness from different perspectives 
The issue will look at openness from several perspectives and focus on how openness in communication can contribute to an open society. Among other things, openness will be discussed in relation to government communication, journalism and media, corporate communication and strategy in various sectors of society. For example, the articles examine Nordic examples of open government communication, how openness has contributed to increased journalistic quality and what pitfalls can be found in open corporate communication. 

In addition, open science, open methods in investigative journalism and so-called “Community Arts” projects as well as individual perspectives will be analyzed more closely. 

Join the process
To follow the process and leave comments or contribute ideas, you are welcome to follow the development of the issue in any of the following places: 

Of course, you can also present ideas privately by emailing editor Maarit Jaakkola:


Image: Nordicom Informations editors, Maarit Jaakkola and Balder Holm, are planning the upcoming issue and documenting the meeting on the journal's Instagram account @nordicominformation



Nordicom Information is an academic journal with a Nordic focus for anyone interested in media and communication. The articles are written on assignment but suggestions on themes and writers are warmly welcomed. The articles are written in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and English. 

For more information, contact editor Maarit Jaakkola:, 0766- 18 12 20, Twitter @maaritjii.