NEWS | 4 Feb 2019

Growth in streaming services in Denmark

In 2018, almost all young Danes watched streamed content – films, series, TV, or other online videos – at least once a week. And, independent of age, the use of streaming services shows an overall growth, according to a new Danish report.

The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces has published a special report on streaming in Denmark (in Danish). It shows that six of ten Danes watch streaming services weekly or more often.

Especially popular are streaming services among the young, with almost everyone aged 12-34 watching streamed content at least once a week. The use of streaming services is growing in all age groups, however, with the largest increase in 2018 among 12-18- and 35-54-year-olds (see figure below)

Figure: Share of the population who have streamed film, series, TV, and online videos at least once a week (per cent)

Data from Index Denmark / Gallup 1. Half year 2016/17/18. Share of the Danish population 12+.
Source: Streaming. Audiovisuelle tjenester (Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces, 2019)

The time spent on streaming services is also growing. Again, the young top the list. Four of ten 12-18-year-olds, as well as 19-34-year-olds, say they streamed two hours or more the previous day, compared to half an hour (or less), which is the most common answer among the older age groups.

YouTube, Netflix and DRTV (streaming service of DR, Danish Broadcasting Corporation) are the three most popular services. Nearly half, 46 per cent, of the Danes watch YouTube several times daily/daily/almost daily, followed by Netflix and DRTV, with 38 and 26 per cent respectively. Visits to YouTube are the shortest (half an hour or less on average), while Netflix makes viewers stay the longest (one hour or more).

The households are also willing to pay for streaming services. The report shows that more than half of the Danish households subscribe to one or more SVOD services, such as HBO, Netflix and ViaPlay. Moreover, just over a third of the households subscribe to two or more SVOD services.

The full report in Danish: Streaming. Audiovisuelle tjenester

Press release, in Danish, from the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces Jan 21, 2019


About the report: This study is published as part of the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces’ reporting on media development in Denmark (summary in English available on the site).