NEWS | 7 Nov 2017

Growing old with and via media: New issue of MedieKultur

The national research association in Denmark (SMiD) has released a new issue of the scientific research journal MedieKultur. The theme of the autumn edition is ’Growing old with and via media’.

”What we understand at any given time as “old age” may seem to have a very straightforward and factual base. Yet, in the words of Simone de Beauvoir, “as far as our own species is concerned old age is by no means easy to define” (de Beauvoir, 1996, p. 9)”.

That’s the introducing words of the autumn edition of MedieKultur which has the theme'Growing old with and via media'. This special issue aim at facilitating a better understanding of the ways in which old age is approached in contemporary media. 

The journal includes four thematic articles that covers internet use among older people in a time where Internet and social network media are part of the everyday lives, the depiction of older adults in relation to digital games in the European French language press between 2000 and 2016 and the representation of older women in contemporary TV series. 

In addition to the thematic articles, the journal contains an open section and reviews. One of the journals reviewed in this issue is Nordicom-Information 3/2016 ’Distansläsning och nätverksanalys’. All issues of Nordicom-Information are available online here. 

Read the full issue of MedieKultur Vol 33, No 63 (2017) Growing old with and via media here. 


Further reading!
The latest issue of our peer-reviewed research journal Nordicom Review was a special issue on the theme ’Being Old in the Age of Mediatization’. All articles are available online as open access here.


About MedieKultur
MedieKultur is a peer-reviewed scientific journal with the objective of contributing to critical reflection and the development of theories and methods in media and communication research. It is issued twice a year, with content in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English. The format is open access, with older issues digitized and available online.