Television | Finland | 26 Nov 2015

Finnish TV output 2014

In Finland, the programme supply of the nationwide free-to-air channels has risen by six hours per day. Reality television and foreign fiction continue to be the largest programme categories in Finnish television, while news continues to decrease. This is shown in a report on Finnish TV programming by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which also indicates continuities of trends rather than any major changes compared to the previous year.

The report on Finnish television output provides an annual overview of the Finnish free-to-air nationwide television channels’ programming in 2014. The report’s goal is to serve communication policy by measuring the selection and diversity of genres as well as the programmes’ country of origin.

The report covers four public broadcasting channels (Yle TV1, Yle TV2, Yle Fem, Yle Teema) and ten commercial channels (MTV3, Sub, AVA, Nelonen, JIM, Liv, Hero, TV5, Kutonen, FOX). For the first time it also describes online and on-demand services, since at the beginning of 2015 the TV-viewing and radio-listening measurement company Finnpanel started gathering weekly data on web television viewing.

The programme supply in 2014 totalled an average of 1,469 hours per week, or 210 hours per day. Compared to 2013, the total programme supply of the channels rose by six hours per day, despite an increase in the supply of online and on-demand services.

Three fewer hours news per week
As in previous years, the two largest programme categories on nationwide TV were reality television (26 %) and foreign fiction (20 %), which also occupied a major share of prime time. Compared to the previous year, no significant changes were observed in other genres either: entertainment and popular music (11 %), factual programmes (10 %), feature films (9 %), lifestyle programmes (9 %), children’s programmes (4 %), current affairs programmes (3 %), domestic fiction (2 %), cultural programmes (2 %), news (2 %), and sports (2 %). The average programme supply of news continues to decrease – compared to the previous year, it had decreased by about three hours per week, or no more than half an hour per day.

Public service (Yle) and commercial television programme supply according to different programme categories in 2014 (%)

Source: Finnish television programming 2014-report (table 4.1.1)

Yle Fem, MTV3 and Yle TV2 the most diverse
In terms of diversity of programme categories, the most diverse channels were Yle Fem, MTV3, and Yle TV2. The least diverse of all channels was the newly launched free channel Hero, which started in November and is owned by Nelonen Media, showing a profile with a focus on American fiction (84 %) and film (15 %).

North-American and domestic programmes dominate
The programme’s country of origin remained the same compared to the previous year. Most programmes were either North-American (45 %) or domestic (32 %). The highest share of domestic programmes was on Yle’s channels, while Hero, TV5 and FOX had the highest share of North-American programmes in their supply. The shares of programmes produced in other Nordic countries (5 %), or elsewhere in Europe (15 %) or in the rest of the world (3 %), were significantly lower.

The report is published in Finnish, including English and Swedish summaries.

Download: Suomalainen televisiotarjonta - Finnish television programming 2014 (Publications of the Ministry of Transport and Communications 10/2015)
A selection of tables incl. time series: Statistics Finland's table service (English, Finnish)


About the survey: The analysis on television channels in the terrestrial digital network is mainly based on data gathered from five sample weeks (weeks 9, 16, 32, 42 and 51) from people-meter data provided by television companies for the TV-viewing and radio-listening measurement company Finnpanel Oy. The survey was conducted by the Communication Research Centre (CRC) at the University of Helsinki.