Finnish report suggests Covid-19 support – and more permanent support – to journalism

NEWS | 5 May 2020

A Finnish investigation proposes swift support for media hit by the Corona pandemic. In the longer term, a more permanent support system for journalism in Finland is proposed.

On 28 April, a report on the support for journalism was presented in Finland, commissioned by the Ministry of Communications on 16 April. Among the proposals: discretionary support for the media in the Covid-19 crisis and the exploration of a more permanent support system for journalism in Finland.

The Covid-19 support for media companies facing financial difficulties due to the pandemic aims to strengthen journalism through support money to pay wages or purchase freelance work. For distributing the support, an independent support committee with experts in journalism would be appointed. The support is part of the government's next amending budget in May.

A more permanent support system for journalism should also be examined, the report suggests, aiming to support journalism regardless of the platform, ensure the vitality of local and regional journalism and support the digital switch-over of the media. In this context, all existing support for journalism would also be reviewed.

The taxation of platform companies is another subject to examine. The rapporteur proposes a study on how the taxation of international platform companies could be increased in Finland, and how they could be obligated to pay the media that produces any content they share.

Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka says the report is part of a wider package, which includes ensuring the five-day delivery of newspapers throughout Finland and the news agency support.


Read more in English and Finnish:

Ministry press release 28.04.2020 Minister Harakka: Functionality of the media must be ensured

The report: Selvitys: Journalismin tukeminen koronakriisin aikana (PDF, 757 KB)

Government: Selvitys journalismin tukemisesta poikkeustilanteessa LVM022:00/2020



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