The Finnish media economy in 2019

 | 7 December 2020
New media market data from Statistics Finland show growing revenues for television, radio and other audio media in 2019. In contrast, for newspapers and magazines, the downward trend continues.

Last year, the value of the Finnish media market amounted to EUR 3.9 billion, reaching just above the 2018 level. The increase was 0.5 per cent, or EUR 19 million, according to Statistics Finland's annual overview of the Finnish media market.

The Finnish media market 2018–2019, selected industries (EUR million)
Graph: The Finnish media market 2018–2019, selected industries (EUR million)
1) Here, the television industry includes the entire activity of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE), TV commercials, and subscription fees to TV services, which are basic cable TV fees and pay-TV fees, incl. video-on-demand services such as Netflix. 2) Daily newspapers are published 4–7 days/week. Note: TV, newspapers, magazines & periodicals, and audio recordings include digital sales.
Source: Statistics Finland

The TV industry is Finland's largest media sector, accounting for a third (EUR 1.3 billion) of the Finnish media market volume in 2019. This was an increase of just under 5 per cent compared with the previous year and is particularly explained by increasing sales by the streaming services, where both international streaming services (especially Netflix and HBO) and domestic and Nordic players (including Ruutu +, CMore and Viaplay) have seen a growing number of subscribers. However, for television advertising revenues, there was a decrease in 2019.

The audio media in Finland had a good year in 2019. Commercial radio increased by 3 per cent and the market for audio recordings (especially digital sales including Spotify) by about 9 per cent compared to 2018.

In contrast, newspapers and magazine revenues continued to fall. Compared with 2018, daily newspapers lost 3 per cent of their volume and the magazines around 9 per cent.

Sales of online advertising increased by 9 per cent from the previous year, but almost 60 per cent of Finland's online advertising is accounted for by international technology giants such as Google and Facebook.

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