Finnish media and communication policy followed up by new report

| 26 March 2020

The Finnish Ministry of Communications has published a report assessing Finnish media communication and media policy and the media industry. The report monitors the developments on the basis of indicators proposed in a previous 2018 report.

The report, produced by researchers Marko Ala-Fossi, Katja Lehtisaari, Heikki Hellman and Mikko Grönlund, was published on 25 March.

The report describes the development of Finnish media and communication policy focusing on three areas, mainly in journalistic media: the media economy and business, citizens' access to media services and media pluralism.

Among the findings are that digital distribution platforms have gained popularity, while traditional distribution channels have lost ground.

Ownership concentration in the media industry has increased and, according to the research group, will continue to increase; at present, the highest concentration is in the radio industry and the lowest is in the newspaper industry. The number of companies and employees in the media industry is declining.

Citizens' access to media services, on the other hand, seems to be quite stable, but the declining volume of postal mail threatens the distribution of printed newspapers.

The researchers raise the issue that systematic monitoring, especially when it comes to media content, has decreased significantly during the 2010s, preventing follow-up surveys. Moreover, telecommunications operators have become players in the media industry, which means that the markets for media and telecommunications are merging.

The report presents the first step in the Ministry's systematic follow-up process, applying in practice the measuring apparatus created by a research group at the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere. The follow-up process has been divided into at least two phases, of which the now-published report is the first.


Read the reports in Finnish and brief summaries in English:

Media- ja viestintäpolitiikan seurantaraportti 2019. Liikenne- ja viestintaäministerioön julkaisuja 2020:4 [Media and Communication Policy Monitoring report 2019 (2020). Publications of the Ministry of Transport and Communications 2020: 4]

Media- ja viestintäpolitiikan nykytila ja mittaaminen: Loppuraportti. Liikenne- ja viestintäministeriön julkaisuja 2018:4 [The State of Media and Communications Policy and How to Measure It – A Final Report (2018). Publications of the Ministry of Transport and Communications 2018: 4]

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In Norway, the Norwegian Media Authority is developing a method to assess media development – a media pluralism account. A first report, describing media pluralism in Norway in a sender's perspective was published in February 2020. Read more about the Norwegian report here.