NEWS | 26 Jun 2014

Finland: Papers are increasingly read online

Nine of ten Finns read printed press every week, but reading on digital platforms is growing. This is reported by Statistics Finland in the newly published Finnish Mass Media 2013.

In 2013, 92 per cent of Finns were reading printed newspapers and magazines at least weekly. However, papers are increasingly followed digitally, as reading of papers particularly with smart phones and tablets has fast become widespread. Newspapers and magazines were read at least weekly via PC by 57 per cent of Finns, via mobile phone by 28 per cent and via tablet or other eReader by 15 per cent.

In 2012, there were nearly 400 publications classified as papers on the Internet, most of which were online versions of some conventional printed papers. A total of 171 newspapers had at least some kind of web version. There were around 210 magazine websites with editorial content.

Summary data on mass media
These data derive from Statistics Finland's freshly published Finnish Mass Media publication, which is an exhaustive review based on articles and statistics on mass communication in Finland. The publication examines the consumption and economy of the mass media, as well as diverse means of mass communication. International comparison data are also included.

The Finnish Mass Media publication contains summaries in Swedish and English, and its tables are in Finnish and English.

Joukkoviestimet – Finnish Mass Media 2013: Read more, order or download as pdf.

Statistics Finland is a member of Nordicom’s statistical network, and contributes data to the comparative Nordic media statistics