NEWS | 10 Mar 2016

Find Danish Cultural Statistics Online

A new publication by Statistics Denmark offers an easily available overview of cultural statistics in Denmark. Among the areas included are libraries, media, movies and cinema, etc.

The publication "Kultur 2015" [Culture 2015] starts off with a thematic chapter based on some of Statistics Denmark’s long time series covering the number of visitors and which monitor disparities and similarities within cinemas, theatres, and museums from the mid-1980s onwards.

Subsequently, a number of chapters give brief presentations of the statistics covering the individual areas of culture in the following chapters: Economy and business structure; Cultural heritage, Libraries, Literature and books; Media; Movies and cinemas, Performing arts and music; and Sports and leisure. The Annex also contains a range of references to other current and relevant sources for analysing the area of culture. 

The publication is in Danish, with preface and summary in English.
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