NEWSLETTER | 16 Aug 2016

European Media Policy - the August issue

Welcome to a new issue of our newsletter European Media Policy, providing an up-date on policy developments at the European level.

Some of the news in the August issue:

  • In spite of much concern about the growing power of companies like Facebook and Google the EU Commission has decided on a ‘light’, targeted approach to online platforms.
  • The Commission has proposed an update of the EU audiovisual directive. Some of the rules are to cover services like Netflix and YouTube too. Not everybody is happy.
  • Recently a new EU-US deal on the transfer of personal data was pushed through despite much criticism. Many expect the agreement to be shortlived.
  • Many have called for the EU to stop the clamp-down on journalists in Turkey after the failed coup. But the union is not likely to do much about it.
  • Very soon the European telecom regulatory body will issue its final guidelines on how the new EU rules on net neutrality should be interpreted.  Many are anxious to know what they will say about the controversial practice of zero-rating.


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