European Media Policy 3/2020 – a new issue is out!

NEWSLETTER | 22 December 2020

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Welcome to this year's third issue of our European Media Policy newsletter.

Some of the content:

  • Reining in Big Tech seems to be a top priority for many policymakers these days. Will the EU Commission’s recently proposed new rulebook for digital platforms do the job?
  • False claims about COVID-19 vaccines is the latest of many worries about disinformation online. However the EU doesn’t want to create a “ministry of truth”.
  • The EU institutions seem to have heard the calls for support to the ailing media industry hit hard by the pandemic.
  • Emergency measure to tackle the COVID-19 crisis are undermining freedom of expression, media pluralism and journalists’ safety, warn the EU parliament and the Commission. Will tactions outlined in the new European Democracy Plan be of some help?
  • Recent terrorist attacks and pressure by law enforcement agencies are pushing policymakers to take measures worrying journalists and civil society groups.


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European Media Policy is a newsletter published by Nordicom and edited by Anna Celsing. Published three times a year, it focuses specifically on developments in media policy at the European level, such as new proposals for legislation, debates in the European Parliament, recently taken or impending policy decisions, EU studies in the field, and so forth. Subscribe to the newsletter