NEWS | 21 Apr 2020

Europe tracking Covid-19 support for audiovisual sector

What kind of support is available for Europe’s audiovisual sector following the Covid-19 crisis? The European Audiovisual Observatory is tracking support measures in 41 countries and at the European level. The overview is updated daily.

As of mid-March, the European Audiovisual Observatory is tracking and documenting support measures for the audiovisual sector in Europe. Among the measures tracked are mechanisms such as public support, regulation, industry agreements and policy declarations.

The overview includes support measures in the Observatory’s 41 Member States – including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – as well as pan-European initiatives, and can be downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet.

The Observatory emphasises that this research project is a work in progress and welcomes new information from actors involved.

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The European Audiovisual Observatory is a European public service body comprised of 41 member states and the European Union, represented by the European Commission. It provides information on the various audiovisual markets in Europe, and analyses and reports on the legal issues affecting the audiovisual industry. Read more about the Observatory and its services here.