The documentation of NordMedia 2017

NEWS | 18 September 2017

NordMedia 2017 is over and the conference documentation is now in progress. Some changes will be made from previous years. 

NordMedia 2017 took place between August 17 and 19 in Tampere, Finland. Around 330 people participated in this year’s conference, under the theme Mediated Realities – Global Challenges.

Nordicom has documented the NordMedia conference since the start 1977, and the documentation and evaluation of this year’s conference is currently under way. Unlike the previous years, this year’s conference will not be documented in a Special Issue of Nordicom Review. A list of authors, division papers, list of participants and programme will instead be compiled in an appendix that accompanies the winter issue of Nordicom Review and is available as open access on our website. 

The next NordMedia conference will take place in Malmö in 2019. More information will appear here in due time. 

See you in Malmö in 2019!


Here’s an introduction to the history of Nordic media research and conferences, by Tarmo Malmberg and Kaarle Nordenstrengs, recorded during NordMedia 2017 in Tampere.


Listen to Radio Moreeni's interview with Ingela Wadbring (Nordicom) and Eliisa Vainikka from the organizational committee here.


arrangörsgruppen möte på NordMedia

Image: Meeting with the the organizational committee before the conference.


NordMedia keynote

Image: One of the conference keynotes: Jackie Stacey, Feminism, Cultural Studies and Queer Theory: An Unfinished Conversation


Image: Nordicoms book stand