NEWS | 17 Feb 2016

Digital radio in Europe

The EBU’s Media Intelligence Service has published the first edition of a yearly report on digital radio, which gives an update on the market status of digital terrestrial radio in Europe.

The Digital Radio 2016 report offers insight into the roll-out of digital terrestrial radio in the European markets, and when relevant, other digital platforms.

The report also highlights developments over the past year in digital radio, in the areas of content and offer, technology, switchover processes, policy and regulation, etc. Also included is a study on the role of public service media in the roll-out process, as well as some prospects for the year ahead.

In the overview of digital radio roll-out the countries are categorized as digital leaders, digital embracers, digital newbies, and wait-and-see. Of the Nordic countries, Norway (which will be the first country to close down FM and switch over to digital radio in 2017) and Denmark (where the Ministry of Culture has published a new roadmap including criteria for switchover) are classified as digital leaders. Sweden, where during 2015 the Government said no to a digital radio switchover proposal, is referred to as a wait-and-see-group. (Finland and Iceland, which currently have no plans to close down their FM networks, are not included in the report.)

The report is open to the public and available for download here

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