EVENT | 25 Jan 2017

A Digital Afternoon at Yle

Welcome to a digital afternoon at Yle and a discussion with the Nordicom researcher community about Nordic PSM digital developments.

The purpose of this seminar is to bring academics and practitioners together to discuss what are the key aspects of digital development among the Nordic Public Service Media.

Place: Yle Iso Paja, Radiokatu 5 A, Helsinki
Time: Monday afternoon, 13th February,  13:00 - 15:30


12:45 Welcome (coffee is served)

13:00 Opening remarks, Gunilla Ohls & Hannu Nieminen

13:15 A look at an overview of the digitalization, key aspects

13:30 Our position - our pace - comments from Nordic countries

14:30 Discussion

The seminar is organized by them Finnish Nordicom committee and YLE.

Please, fill in a registration form if you are coming