NEWS | 18 Apr 2017

Denmark: Timetable for a new media agreement

The Danish Government has set a timetable for the next media policy agreement. Starting in May, citizens, the industry and politicians will be invited to discuss future media content, production and distribution. A new agreement is expected to enter into force at the turn of 2018/2019.

In Denmark the framework for media policy is established in political media agreements, which run for four years. They are based on agreements between the government and one or more parties in the Folketing (Parliament). The current media agreement is for the period 2015 to 2018.

An open process to start in May
The Danish Government, with Minister of Culture Mette Bock in the lead, has presented the schedule for the next media agreement. In May-September, there will be public meetings and an online forum, to which citizens are invited in order to express their opinions about which media content and distribution platforms are important for the future.

Then, from September to November, it is the industry’s and the politicians’ turn. In focus will be questions about who can produce and distribute domestic content, and to what extent domestic content will require public support.

Policy proposal in 2018
In early 2018, the government will present its proposal for a new media agreement, and the political negotiations can begin. The new agreement is expected to enter into force at the turn of 2018/2019.

The Ministry of Culture’s press release from April 7, 2017 (in Danish)
Find the media policy agreements at the Ministry's website (in Danish)


About the media agreement and public service: In November 2016, the Public Service Committee presented a report including five future scenarios for public service media, which also contributes to the groundwork for the preparation of the next political media agreement.