Up-date on media policy developments in Europe

| 3 December 2014

[NORDICOM] The newsletter European Media Policy provides an up-date on policy developments at the European level. The December issue is now available for download.

The newsletter gives an overview of some main media questions that have been discussed during the last months or will be on the agenda in the near future.

A few of the news items in no. 3/2014:

  • Break up Google! said the European Parliament recently in a thinly veiled resolution, a sign of the growing concern among policymakers about the increasing power of American technology giants.
  • It's time to revise the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive, says the Council.
  • The chances that e-books will benefit in Europe from the same reduced VAT tax rates as printed books look rather slim for the moment.
  • It's no longer enough to know how to use a computer, a smartphone and a tablet. Now we have to learn coding too.
  • Hacking is becoming a major threat and the security of networks and personal data an issue of much urgency. The European Commission seems aware of this.

Read the whole newsletter here (PDF)

All issues of European Media Policy are available for download here