Danes spend more time on digital media in 2020

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At the same time as the Danes' digital media consumption is rising, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are taking an ever-increasing share of advertising revenue. These and several other topics are addressed in the Ministry of Culture's annual media reporting.
 | 1 December 2021

Consumption is shifting to digital media

While the time consumption on traditional media such as flow TV and radio is declining, the Danes' consumption on digital media such as streaming TV content, use of mobile and use of the Internet via a computer is increasing.

The downward development for the traditional media is not an expression of the fact that the Danes stop using the content of these media, or that they spend less time on media. It is more a matter of consumption shifting to the digital platforms, the report explains.

Three tech giants take 42% of advertising revenue

The report shows that Google, Facebook and LinkedIn take an even larger share of the total advertising revenue in Denmark. In 2020, it was a full 42%, which is an increase since 2019, when they accounted for 38% of advertising revenue.

Minister of Culture Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen says in a press release:

“Billions of Danish krone in advertising revenue, which previously went to Danish media companies, and a large part of which was spent on doing journalism, now goes to tech companies abroad. Therefore, in the coming media negotiations, we have a task of strengthening our regional media, which is under pressure from lost advertising revenue. And then there is the challenge in the long run of getting the tech companies to contribute more to the community. ”

Some conclusions from the report

Radio and podcast

  • Daily listening time is declining. From 2019 to 2020, the daily listening time has decreased by 2 minutes from 104 minutes to 102 minutes.
  • The majority of young people listen to podcasts. By 2020, 77% of 12-18 year olds and 79% of 19-34 year olds are listening to podcasts.

Written news media

  • By 2020, 21% of 12-18-year-olds read a printed daily newspaper at least once a week. In 2010, it was 74%.
  • In  2020, 79 % of the 71+s read a printed daily newspaper every week, compared to 90% in 2010.

Internet and social media use

  • In 2020, 68% of the population used social media once or more times a day. 12% used them one or more times a week.
  • 49% used the internet one or more times a day to read the news/articles, whereas a further 25% did so one or several times a week.
  • Almost the same share reads news media articles posted on social media. 46% read these once or several times a day and 24% once or several times a week.

About the report: 2021 is the eighth edition of "Report on media development in Denmark". With the report in 2014, a foundation was laid and a basic structure was established with a comprehensive amount of data for media consumption and the media industry in Denmark. This basis has been further worked on and developed on the site.

The report analyses three main themes: media use, media content and media industry. Completed analysis and studies are disseminated partly in a main report every year during the summer period, and partly in ongoing reports and conferences with key themes and results.

The Ministry of Culture's report on media development in Denmark is part of Nordicom's statistical network and contributes Danish data to Nordicom's Nordic media statistics.


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