Danes' media habits – before and during the pandemic

NEWS | 10 July 2020

Streaming services, podcasts and online news continue to increase, according to a new report on media development from the Danish Agency of Culture and Palaces. The report also provides an analysis of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Danish media market.

This year's edition of the Danish Agency of Culture and Palaces’ media report shows that the Danes' media consumption is becoming increasingly digital, while printed newspapers, traditional (linear) TV and radio listening are decreasing.

Digital media gaining ground
Here are some conclusions about the Danes' media consumption and developments in the media market in 2019.

  • Traditional TV viewing keeps falling, while streaming keeps growing. However, the proportion of Danes watching linear TV every week (75%) is still larger than the share watching streaming services on a weekly basis (60%).
  • Age affects streaming behaviour. More younger than older people watch streamed content. And age also has a bearing on what type of content people stream: people under 55 years old most often stream TV series/programmes, while people 55 years old and over mostly stream news.
  • Radio listening is falling. In 2019, daily listening time was 104 minutes, down three minutes from 2018, which is the lowest level ever. At the same time, podcasts are becoming more popular. In 2019, 54 per cent of Danes had listened to podcasts, up from 49 per cent in 2018.
  • Online news are now consumed by more people than those who read a printed newspaper. During 2019, Danish news sites had 3.5 million users, compared to just over 2.5 million reading printed newspapers on an average week. The majority of the measured news sites increased their number of users in 2019, most of them by 10 per cent or more.
  • Overall advertising sales are increasing in Denmark, but behind the growth are the global players. If excluding Google, Facebook and Linkedin, sales in the Danish advertising market are reduced.

More TV and less radio during the pandemic
Even though the report is mainly about 2019 and Denmark before the pandemic, it also highlights some of the consequences of the Covid-19 outbreak for media consumption and for Danish and international media companies.

One clear effect is that TV viewing increased in all age groups. In contrast, listening to radio and podcasts declined, which may be because those who usually listen on the move, for example on their way to and from work, have stayed at home during lockdown. In addition, the pandemic has had an impact on news consumption, including increases for news sites and TV news.


The main report 2020 is published in Danish only. As of November 2020, an extensive English summary is available (link added below).

The full online report in Danish: Mediernes udvikling i Danmark 2020

Summary in English: Media development in Denmark - English site


About the report: This is the seventh edition of the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces’ annual “Report on media development in Denmark”, based on three main themes: media consumption, media content and the media industry. Moreover, apart from this main annual report, a number of special reports are published every year. Read more about the reporting in Danish.


The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces is a member of Nordicom’s statistical network, and contributes data to the comparative Nordic media statistics.