The Danes are using fewer social media platforms

NEWS | 23 November 2017

It seems like the Danes no longer need to be active across social media platforms; an increasing number of Danish social media users are only active on one platform. 

The range of social media platforms has grown steadily in recent years and, as a result, users have set up profiles on more and more social media. 

However, new findings from the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces show that this trend may have ended. 

The analysis shows that, compared to 2016, in 2017 more social media users were active on one social media platform alone. Similarly, the proportion of users active on two or more social media platforms fell between the same period. 

Figure: Share of social media users 16-89 years who use one or more social media at least once a week (per cent)

Source: Brug af sociale medier i 2017 [Use of social media in 2017]

Users turn to Facebook 
Media adviser Kasper Dalby from the Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces says “Nine out of ten social media users that are only active on one platform use Facebook. It’s interesting because it’s happening at the same time as Facebook expand their services and moving into areas that other social media platforms or services previously covered”.  

The analysis also shows that the proportion of Facebook users using only Facebook and no other social media has increased from 28 percent in 2016 to 38 percent in 2017. 

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This study on the use of social media in Denmark is part of the Report on media development in Denmark (summaries in English)


About the study: This study is a collaboration between Statistics Denmark and the Danish Agency for Culture and Palace’s “Report on Media Development in Denmark”. The results are based on 5,699 answers from telephone interviews or web schemas, collected from March to May 2017 among a representative sample of the Danish population aged between 16 and 89.