Changes in Finns' use of media

NEWS | 3 July 2019

In a recent article, Statistics Finland examines the changes in Finns' ways of watching TV, listening to radio, and reading newspapers and magazines over the last decades. The developments in online and social media use are also analysed.  

This new analysis gives a broad and long-term picture of Finns’ media use and households’ spending on different media. The results are mainly based on Statistic Finland’s Leisure and Household Budget Surveys.

Some notable media trends

  • The amount of money households spend on pay TV and video on demand (VOD) services has nearly doubled between 2012 and 2016. Fees for pay TV and VOD services has become the third largest media consumption expenditure after computers and other equipment and newspapers for households. This is mainly explained by the fees for VOD services, particularly Netflix fees.
  • Household spending on newspapers has decreased markedly, especially among single person households aged under 65 and single parent households.
  • Pay TV consumption has increased during the 2010s, and especially popular are TV channels and services focusing on sports, such as ice hockey and football. As for VOD services, the two most popular streaming services are Yle Areena and Netflix.
  • Among schoolchildren aged under 15, less than half (43 per cent) watch TV or streaming TV daily. In 2002, around 80 per cent of schoolchildren watched TV programmes daily.
  • TV newscasts have lost much of their appeal. For decades, newscasts were the most popular programmes among Finns, but in 2017, the most watched programme categories were TV series and movies.
  • Eight of ten Finns follow news online. Two of three Finns watch YouTube and other videos on the Internet, and nearly as many watch TV programmes, listen to music, and read newspaper content online.
  • Reading newspapers has declined most in the young age groups. Among teenagers, newspapers are read only sporadically. More than a third (36 per cent) of young people read newspapers occasionally or never. Of those aged over 75, only three per cent do not read newspapers at all.


Find the article 1/2019 in Statistic Finland’s media statistics service:
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Download the article in English or Finnish:
1/2019 Changes in Finns’ use of media – results from Leisure and Household Budget Surveys (PDF, 223 KB)
1/2019 Muutokset suomalaisten median käytössä – vapaa-aika- ja kulutustutkimusten tuloksia (PDF, 202 KB)

For those wanting to supplement the reading with more data, the article links to the underlying tables in Statistics Finland’s media statistics database.


About the surveys used in the article: The analysis is based on Statistics Finland’s Household Budget Survey and Leisure Survey, the current ones conducted in 2016 and 2017, respectively. The latter of these describe, for example, how Finns aged over ten years use media, and the former how much money Finnish households use on different media categories. The results from the surveys are complemented by data collected in Statistic Finland’s media statistics on the media industry structure and economic outlook, as well as research results published by other data producers.