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Call for articles: Media Studies in a Nordic Context

Call for articles for the 2020 issue of Nordic Journal of Media Studies

Which topics would a journal called Nordic Journal of Media Studies address in a global, interconnected and postcolonial world of rapidly changing media systems and user patterns?

With this question we want to invite articles on the state of the art of media research, on the relation between the regional and the global, and on what is Nordic and what is not. Is there a specific Nordic perspective in media research? What would be the scholarly advantages of pursuing a question like this – and what would be the challenges? In which ways do questions of the regional – and national – contribute to our understanding of global media? And vice versa.

Traditionally, a range of cultural and societal features are attributed to the Nordic countries: the welfare state, and its welfare media state – public service, state support of film production, subsidies for print journalism – the high penetration of digital media, the Nordic countries traditionally high level of news readership, etc. But while there are specificities to the Nordic media system, is there a corresponding perspective or media theoretical approach that can be called Nordic? Is this question at all meaningful?

We invite scholars of different nationalities around the world to address these questions in short articles of 3-4,000 words. The articles can be descriptive, analytical as well as normative, and can relate to for example but not exclusively the following topics:

  • Media studies in a global world, focuses and pitfalls
  • The Nordic media welfare state
  • Is there a Nordic media system?
  • Are there empirical specificities in the Nordic countries that challenge international media theory?
  • Is there such a thing as a Nordic theoretical approach?
  • The history of Nordic media research
  • Small nations and the media
  • Diversity and media in a Nordic media systemic context
  • Gender equality and media in a Nordic context
  • Media literacy and the Nordic public school systems, challenges and possibilities
  • International media interests in the Nordic countries – which, how and why
  • Regulation policies in a Nordic and European perspective
  • Small geographies, local content in an era of globalization


Abstracts (300-400 words) should be sent to issue editors, Professor Göran Bolin, Södertörn University ( and Professor Anne Jerslev, University of Copenhagen ( no later than 26 April.


About the journal

Nordic Journal of Media Studies is published once a year and each volume focuses on a particular theme. All submitted articles are subject to double-blind peer review by two external reviewers. Nordic Journal of Media Studies is a digital-only open access journal published by Nordicom. The publication of the journal is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.


  Download the call for articles (PDF)