Book Release: Citizens in a Mediated World

New book release from Nordicom! The book Citizens in a Mediated World is discussing the meaning  of modern citizenship in a globalized digital media culture and how Media and Information Literacy (MIL) can contribute to promoting the rights of children and young people. 

Digital technology has become a natural part of our daily life. But in order to be able to navigate this digital landscape, new skills and attitudes are required from the citizens. The book Citizens in a Mediated World presents the discussion and conclusions from a conference on Media and Information Literacy arranged in liaison  with UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day in Helsinki, in May 2016.

Compared to the Nordic countries, Media and Information Literacy is a rather new question on the agenda in the Baltic states. The media contexts differ between the Baltic states as well as in relation to the Nordic states, and so does the political agendas. The conditions for having an exchange om MIL issues were thus advantageous.

The conference was financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and organized by Nordicom, together with KAVI (National Audiovisual Institute) in Finland, jointly with the Nordic media and media education authorities: Media Council for Children and Youth in Denmark, Fjölmiðlanefnd (The Media Commission) of Iceland, Norwegian Media Authority and the Swedish Media Council.

The different chapters of the book are a mix between keynote speeches, round-table discussions and panel discussions that took place during the conference. The first part of the book puts media and information literacy in a general context and includes an introduction speech from the Finnish Minister of Education and Culture. Further, the book attends to themes such as news literacy from a democratic point of view and MIL issues specifically in the Baltic states.

Editors are PhD and professor Ingela Wadbring, director of Nordicom and Leo Pekkala, PhD and Deputy Director of KAVI in Finland. 


Image: Front page of the book Citizens in a Mediated World


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The book as also available online as open access here.