NEWS | 19 Apr 2016

28 researchers discuss media and digitalization

The media industry is in the midst of revolutionary changes. In a research anthology published by the Swedish Media Inquiry, a large number of researchers analyse and reflect upon the development from a variety of perspectives. The anthology aims to offer a scientific basis for the Media Inquiry’s work.

In April, the Media Inquiry presented a research anthology (in Swedish) – Människorna, medierna & marknaden – in which 28 researchers provide a broad picture of the media landscape and the impact of digitization within five themes:

  • Shifts in the media ecology
  • Digital platforms and data
  • The profession, market and financing of journalism
  • Journalism, rights and participation
  • Media use and media and information literacy

A citizen perspective
The Swedish Media Inquiry is assigned with analysing the need for new media policy tools when the press subsidies in their current form cease. Its starting point is a citizen perspective, and its proposals will aim to promote opportunities for the public to access journalism that is characterised by diversity, objective news, quality and depth.

The first report (SOU 2015:94) was delivered in November, providing an overview of shifts in areas such as media use, digital participation and journalistic content in the contemporary media landscape.

Extended investigation time
The Inquiry, which was initially to present its proposals in April 2016, has been granted an extended investigation time and is now to submit its final report on October 31, 2016.

Memorandum on public service media
In addition to the assignment involving media policy tools in relation to the press subsidies, the Inquiry issued a memorandum on publicly funded media to the Ministry of Culture in March, 2016. The memorandum lists 17 points that the Inquiry suggests should be investigated before a new concession period for public service media, e.g. the future funding model and public service media’s possible impact on the commercial media landscape. (Current broadcasting licenses for SVT, SR and UR are for the years 2014-2019.)

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