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3 Jul to 5 Jul 2019

Braga, Portugal

Rethinking the press in the digital ecosystem

On the occasion of the centennial of the Diário do Minho regional newspaper, we invite the academic community to reflect on the reconfiguration of the written press in terms of professional, sociopolitical, cultural, economic, technical, ethical and legal issues within the new digital paradigm.

Focused on the scientific area of the Communication Sciences, this interdisciplinary event seeks to stimulate the reflection around the issues and changes that presently constitute a challenge of unprecedented magnitude for printed daily media that, throughout the previous centuries, already had to comply to a series of other vicissitudes (such as socio-political changes, new media competition, technological change, etc.).

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The Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal and the Center for Philosophical and Humanistic Studies

1 Jul to 2 Jul 2019

Malaga, Spain

The 3rd European Data and Computational Journalism Conference

The 3rd European Data and Computational Journalism Conference aims to bring together industry, practitioners and academics in the fields of journalism and news production and information, data, social and computer sciences, facilitating a multidisciplinary discussion on these topics in order to advance research and practice in the broad area of Data and Computational Journalism.

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1 Jul to 2 Jul 2019

Florence, Italy

Social Movements and Parties in a Fractured Media Landscape

The symposium invites scholars and other informed observers to present papers discussing how over the last decade, social movements, party movements and other collective actors emerging in the fractured contemporary media landscape have produced knowledge, learn and develop new or overhaul existing participatory cultures and techno-populist identities

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Information, Communication & Society’ (iCS)

29 Jun to 3 Jul 2019

Barcelona, Spain

Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC)

The 2019 thematic is Computers and Communications on the edge and fog, following new challenges related to smart computing and networking, with big data computing, and communications performance.

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28 Jun to 29 Jun 2019

Portsmouth, UK

Fan Studies Network 2019 Conference

The seventh annual Conference is taking place in the School of Film, Media and Communication at the University of Portsmouth. Offering a diverse two-day programme.

28 Jun to 30 Jun 2019

Glasgow, Scotland

The 29th International Screen Studies Conference

The Editors welcome proposals for papers, audiovisual essays and pre-constituted panels on any subject for this year’s conference. We are particularly keen to encourage contributors to a programming strand titled ‘Screen Studies Beyond the Field’, devoted to the themes of interdisciplinarity and impact in the contemporary audiovisual humanities and beyond.

27 Jun to 27 Jun 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

New Media and Digital Inclusion

The 6th International search conference 2019. Theme:  “New Media and Digital Inclusion: Embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution”. 

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27 Jun to 30 Jun 2019

Toronto, Canada

The 20th Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association

The Media Ecology Association invites paper and panel proposals for presentation at its 20th annual Convention, taking place on 27–30 June 2019 in Toronto. Theme of Conference: Media Ethics: Human Ecology in a Connected World.

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Media Ecology Association

27 Jun to 28 Jun 2019

Leicester, UK

Media and Communication, theory and practice: where are we now?

The central aim of this conference is to explore the extent to which existing theories of media and communication are adequate for the analysis of our contemporary media landscape.
The driving questions of this conference are:   1. Do we need new theories of media to address social and technological change?   2. What are the key pedagogical issues in teaching contemporary  students of media and communications?


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The Media Communications Research Centre at De Montfort University

26 Jun to 28 Jun 2019

Bournemouth, England

10th celebration of the International History of Public Relations Conference

Academics, practitioners and research students are again invited to submit competitive abstracts and papers for presentation at the tenth running of the International History of Public Relations Conference (IHPRC) to be held on June 26-28, 2019 at Bournemouth University.

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Public Relations Research Group of the Faculty of Media and Communication, Bournemouth University, UK

24 Jun to 26 Jun 2019

St Andrews, Scottland

Last Symposium Standing: Inter-disciplinary Symposium on Survival Media

  This symposium aims to bring together all who are working on survival media across the disciplines. Inviting works on survival films, reality and fictional television, literature, video games, advertising and other forms to a symposium,

24 Jun to 27 Jun 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark

5th Arts & Humanities Conference

The Arts & Humanities Conference is focused on the following topics:

  • History and Cultural Studies
  • Philosophical and Religious Studies
  • Literature
  • Languages
  • Performance Art (music, theatre, film)
  • Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, architecture)
  • Media and Communication

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The International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences (IIES)

20 Jun to 21 Jun 2019

Groningen, The Netherlands

Fourth Transnational Journalism History Conference

The Center for Media and Journalism Studies at the University of Groningen will host the fourth annual conference on Transnational Journalism History. The conference, which will be June 20 and 21, 2019, is seeking papers that study historical transformations in journalism from a transnational perspective.

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The Center for Media and Journalism Studies at the University of Groningen

19 Jun to 21 Jun 2019

Sofia, Bulgaria

The 12th Central and Eastern European Communication and Media Conference

The focus of CEECOM 2019 is the strategic and practical aspects of managing communications, thus establishing a wide interdisciplinary foundation for works in the field of communication, media studies and political sciences. The aim is to bring together a number of scholars with diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas regarding the present and the future of communication endeavors. The Call for Panels is currently open and we welcome contributions focusing on issues relating to the communication and media practice with emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe.

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Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication (Sofia University) and organized in cooperation with the ECREA Central and East European Network and the CEECOM Consortium

18 Jun to 19 Jun 2019

London, UK

DIPRC2019: Digital Inclusion Policy and Research Conference 2019

The primary aim of this conference is to link up international policy efforts to address digital inequalities, access and skills with the outcomes of recent research at from around the globe. The intention being to support sharing best practice and research insights.

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School of the Arts - University of Liverpool in London

17 Jun to 20 Jun 2019

Volda and Olden, Norway

Symposium on Media, Professions and Society

Professional and Peripheral News Workers and the Shifting Importance of Platforms. Inaugural symposium on Media, Professions and Society. This symposium will focus on facilitating constructive discussions on research-in-progress. Participants will give short presentations that spark lengthier discussions in the panel sessions, and throughout a symposium programme marked by social networking.

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Volda University College

14 Jun to 14 Jun 2019

Stockholm, Sweden

Artificial Intelligence // Cultural Technique

A symposium on artificiell intelligence as cultural technique

AI has emerged as a cultural technique that poses new questions on how the machinic relates to the human and vica versa: How is culture intermingling with computational processes? How is cultural work and production, cultural consumption and the experience of culture, being affected by artificial intelligence? How do we make sense of AI through cultural and aesthetic practices including not only art and culture, but also social imaginaries and fantasies?

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Media and Communication Studies at the School of Culture and Education, Södertörn University

14 Jun to 15 Jun 2019

Rome, Italy

Global Intersections and Artistic Interconnections: Italian Cinema and Media across Times and Spaces

Intersections of local and global: transnational influences on the Italian road to serial TV storytelling

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Wellesley College/JICMS (Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies)

13 Jun to 14 Jun 2019

Brighton, UK

6th European Conference on Social Media

The European Conference on Social Media was established 6 years ago. The conference has attracted participants from more than 40 countries and been attended by a combination of academic scholars, public sector workers, practitioners and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of the social media industry. A number of journals are selecting papers from the conference for further development and publication.

For more information:

ECSM 2019 organising committee/University of Brighton

13 Jun to 13 Jun 2019

London, UK

Moving Media Memory History PGR Conference 2019

The kaleidoscope of different media, memories and histories influences the remembering, forgetting and archiving of events and processes, and is therefore constantly shaping and reshaping individual and collective identities. This PGR conference will address the underlying power structures of the relationship between the three ever-evolving fields by foregrounding interdisciplinary research that crosses the boundaries separating them.