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NEWSLETTER | 10 Mar 2017

New issue of European Media Policy

The March issue of our European newsletter has been published. You can read it here.

NEWS | 3 Mar 2017

The International Communication Market Report 2016

Ofcom, the British media authority, has published its 11th international report. Among other things, the report shows that the Brits—to a greater extent than ever before—are using the Internet as their main source for some types of news; however, the Swedes prefer newspapers rather than both the Internet and TV.

NEWS | 1 Mar 2017

UNESCO releases: MILID Yearbook 2016

This year’s edition of the MILID Yearbook analyses how media and information literacy (MIL) can be used as a tool to strengthen human rights and work against radicalism and extremism. The book is published by UNESCO in cooperation with several different partners.

EVENT | 13 Feb 2017

NordMedia 2017: Pre-Conference for Doctoral Students

NordMedia 2017 conference organizes a free pre-conference academic workshop for doctoral students in media and communication studies on August 16, 2017.

NEWS | 13 Feb 2017

Online Resource Centre on Media Freedom in Europe

The Online Media Freedom Resource Centre is an open platform that provides information related to media freedom and pluralism in Europe. It was developed by the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) and Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso Transeuropa (OBCT).

NEWS | 6 Feb 2017

Quick news fixes are making the Danes dizzy

Medieudviklingen 2016The DR Audience Research Department annually publishes a report on the use of electronic media in Denmark. Media Development 2016 is now available, and one of its main points is that quick news fixes are making the Danes dizzy.

EVENT | 25 Jan 2017

A Digital Afternoon at Yle

Welcome to a digital afternoon at Yle and a discussion with the Nordicom researcher community about Nordic PSM digital developments.

NEWS | 17 Jan 2017

Financing of Swedish public service should be investigated

The Swedish Government has assigned a parliamentary committee to review alternatives for public funding of the public service media. The inquiry will report by November 17, 2017.

NEWS | 17 Jan 2017

How should Norwegian public service be financed in the future?

The Norwegian Government has proposed a platform-neutral media fee for the future financing of NRK, the Norwegian public service company. It also suggests financial support to a single operator for broadcasting commercial public service television.

EVENT | 10 Jan 2017

Call for abstracts - NordMedia 2017

NordMedia invites you to submit abstracts and panel session proposals for the NordMedia 2017 conference that will be held on August 17 - 19, 2017 in Tampere, Finland. NordMedia is a biannual conference organized by Nordic media research associations in cooperation with Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research NORDICOM.

NEWS | 10 Jan 2017

The Danish Book Market in 2016

The Danes’ reading habits are generally stable. As for the Danish book market, more literature than ever is being published and the number of new publishers has increased, as shown in the Danish Book and Literature Panel's report.

NEWS | 5 Jan 2017

Nordicom's top five media trends news in 2016

News on Nordic media companies, TV-viewing and young people's media use top the list of Nordicom's most read articles in the Media Trends section in 2016. Here are the five most read news.

NEWS | 2 Jan 2017

Media & viestintä 4/2016

Media & viestintä is one of the leading journal of media and communication research, and has been published since the 1970s.

Four issues per year covers a broad area of research in the articles, interviews, reviews and comments.
The articles are usually written in Finnish but with summary in English included.

Media & viestintä is published by the Finnish Media Research Association MEVI.