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Projekt | Sverige | 31 Mar 2016

Mediehistoriska stipendier

Svensk Presshistorisk Förening stödjer och stimulerar medie- och presshistorisk forskning. Varje år delar föreningen ut ett eller flera mediehistoriska stipendier om 25 000 kronor vardera till forskare verksamma inom mediesektorn.

NEWS | 30 Mar 2016

Stable radio listening in the Nordic countries

Radio listening is stable in the Nordic region. Some 70-75 per cent of northerners still listen to the radio on the average day, with older people listening more than younger people and public service radio accounting for the largest share of listening. These are some of the results from the official 2015 radio measurements in the Nordic countries.

NEWS | 24 Mar 2016

Trends in Europe’s audiovisual markets

The European Commission has published a number of studies, prepared in order to provide background facts for the ongoing review of the AVMS Directive. The reports cover aspects such as trends in the audiovisual markets and the protection of minors, and are free to download.

NEWS | 24 Mar 2016

Greenland: Viewing and listening survey 2015

Nine of ten Greenlanders watch television on a daily or near-daily basis, while more than eight of ten listen to the radio. Nearly all Greenlanders use the public service broadcaster KNR’s TV, radio or online services. This is shown in a media use survey for 2015.

EVENT | 16 Mar 2016

Nordic Panel: Fighting Sexism and Hate Speech Online

Gender-based hate speech is a backlash and a threat to women’s presence in the public debate. That’s why sexism online is an issue of democracy. On March 18th, during an event at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, an expert Nordic panel will discuss the available strategies for combatting sexist online bullying.

NEWS | 14 Mar 2016

Young people's media use in the Nordic countries

Media use is becoming increasingly fragmented, which is particularly evident among the young. A study initiated by Nordvision now shows that changes in young people's media habits follow the same pattern throughout the Nordic region.

NEWS | 10 Mar 2016

The Creative Industry in Norway 2008-2014

The value creation in Norway's creative industries increased overall between 2008 and 2014, but the media industry stands out negatively. These are some of the results from a study by the BI Centre for Creative Industries in cooperation with the Menon consulting company.

NEWS | 10 Mar 2016

Cultural Activities in Sweden

Education has a great impact on people’s cultural habits, women are more culturally active than men, and the youngest age groups are the most culturally active on the whole. These are some of the findings presented in a report by the Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis.

NEWS | 10 Mar 2016

Find Danish Cultural Statistics Online

A new publication by Statistics Denmark offers an easily available overview of cultural statistics in Denmark. Among the areas included are libraries, media, movies and cinema, etc.

NEWS | 24 Feb 2016

Intense competition for user attention on the Internet

The DR Audience Research Department annually publishes a report on the use of electronic media in Denmark. Media Development 2015 is now available, and one of its main points is that the internet is becoming more mobile.

NEWS | 23 Feb 2016

TV viewing in the Nordic countries in 2015

The total linear TV viewing in the Nordic region is rather stable, but differences between groups are increasing. Older people watch more, while the young watch less. At the same time online TV viewing is growing, especially among the young. This is shown in comparisons of the 2015 TV data from the national survey institutes in the Nordic countries.

Ledig tjänst | 20 Feb 2016

Forskare söks till Nordicom


   Disputerad forskare eller motsvarande, inom relevant ämnesområde
   och med några års erfarenhet från forskning och projektledning
   på det vetenskapliga området söks till Nordicom.

PUBLICATIONS | 16 Feb 2016

Teletext in Europe


Teletext is a medium that has been very much part of people's everyday lives across Europe for over forty years, but still a medium most often overlooked by media research.

It is a great pleasure for Nordicom to publish the research anthologyTeletext in Europe. From the Analog to the Digital Era, which will fill the gap of knowledge of teletext in Europe.

Call for papers | 15 Feb 2016

Becoming Old in the Age of Mediatization


This special issue of Nordicom Review aims for a deeper understanding of where and how media have specific consequences for the later parts of the life cycle as well as how old age/ageing is affected and shaped by processes of mediatization.
Mediatization research has thus far focused on issues such as parenthood and children’s play, while other studies of media dynamics relate to various aspects of work life and public life, such as politics, religion, sports, and conflict.

Radio Research | 11 Feb 2016

The World Radio Day

Radio is the mass media reaching the widest audience in the world. It is also recognized as a powerful communication tool and a low cost medium.

Research article | Finland | 9 Feb 2016

Digital Divide and Some Uncomfortable Questions

The Finnish media researcher Hannu Nieminen, University of Helsinki, is one of the authors in a recent issue of the European Journal of Media Research. 

Call for papers | 3 Feb 2016

Photojournalism in Editorial Processes


A special issue of Nordicom Review will examine photojournalism in editorial processes in a period of paradigmatic change that so far has received little scholarly attention.

On the one hand, news is becoming more visual, on the other hand, professional roles and newsroom processes are changing rapidly.

NEWS | 22 Jan 2016

Working group proposes that YLE reduce its own production

The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE should reduce its own production, and instead outsource tasks and purchase services from independent production companies. This was one of the proposals of the working group appointed by the Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications to assess the Finnish media market.

Från forskarföreningarna | Finland | 20 Jan 2016

MEVI2016 - Luottamus - Förtroende

Medie- och kommunikationsforskningsdagarna i Finland organiseras i Helsingfors 8-9 april, 2016. Årets tema är Luottamus - Förtroende