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Research | Finland | 26 May 2016

Four New Professors and a Research Director in Finland

Since November 2015, there has been appointed four new professors in Communication or Media Studies at the universities in Finland. Three of them are female – a new state of affairs!
Additionally, a new research director started at the Research Centre for Journalism, Media and Communication at the University of Tampere.

PUBLICATIONS | 26 May 2016

The Swedish Media Market 2016

In a new Nordicom report on the Swedish media market, the focus is directed to the structural and financial consequences of the ongoing concentration of ownership in the Swedish markets for press, television and radio.

Conference Report | 13 May 2016

Conference Paved the Way for Academic Research Cooperation

UNESCO and the UNESCO Chair at University of Gothenburg organized in collaboration with several partners a two-day research conference on the safety of journalists during the celebrations of World Press Freedom Day in Helsinki Finland, 3 and 4 May 2016. 
This international research conference paved the way for academic research cooperation - knowledge is the key.

NEWS | 11 May 2016

Danes are reluctant to participate in political debate on social media

How do Danes engage with and through social media in public political debates? Are Danes becoming participatory content creators or is this a mere ideal of social media use? A preliminary analysis of the data collected in the DECIDIS survey “Social Media and Political Engagement” shows that social media and especially Facebook continues to be a central part of most Danes daily media habits.

Conference | Nordic | 8 May 2016

Nordicom at the Nordic Media Festival 12-13 May

The Nordic Media Festival in Bergen, Norway, is the largest annual Nordic media conference. Nordicom is participating with a book display. Welcome to see our current publications about teletext in Europe, public service media, freedom of expression, and more.


Freedom of Expression and Media in Transition

In recent years there has been widespread concern about the ability of the media to maintain and develop their role as a pillar of democracy. A precondition for a true democracy is well-informed citizens and the right to freedom of expression and freedom of information, and that can only occur where press and internet freedom, media pluralism and independence exist.


Crossing Borders and Boundaries in Public Service Media


The seventh RIPE Reader is expected at late April.

This collection is the culmination of discourse during and since the RIPE@2014 conference in Tokyo, edited by Gregory Ferrell Lowe and Nobuto Yamamoto.



NEWS | 29 Apr 2016

Freedom of Speech and Gender Equality Seminar

"Freedom of Speech and Gender Equality - Time for News Media to Step Up" is a Nordic side event on media and gender equality at Unesco’s World Press Freedom Day 2016 in Helsinki. Find more reading on gender and media in the Nordic countries.

NEWS | 25 Apr 2016

Continued decline in newspaper reading in Norway

Fewer people are reading newspapers in Norway. Reading of the print version shows the largest drop, but last year the reading online also declined, according to Statistics Norway’s Media Barometer survey 2015.

NEWS | 25 Apr 2016

World Press Freedom Index 2016

Reporters Without Borders has published its annual Press Freedom Index. The Nordic countries rank high on the list, but while Finland is the best in the world, Sweden is down from fifth to eighth place. Looking at the world’s total score, there has been a deep decline in respect for media freedom. 

NEWS | 19 Apr 2016

28 researchers discuss media and digitalization

The media industry is in the midst of revolutionary changes. In a research anthology published by the Swedish Media Inquiry, a large number of researchers analyse and reflect upon the development from a variety of perspectives (in Swedish).

Nordicom-Information | 14 Apr 2016

Journalistikens ekonomiska utmaningar

Man talar om kris i mediebranschen. De traditionella finansieringsmodellerna håller inte längre för att skapa en god och självständig journalistik.

Är journalistik en förutsättning för demokrati? Är den granskande journalistikens tid förbi? Hur ser situationen egentligen ut här i Norden, hur skall man angripa problemet och var finns lösningarna?

Om dessa frågor kretsar detta nummer av Nordicom-Information.

NEWSLETTER | 11 Apr 2016

New issue of European Media Policy newsletter

Nordicom's newsletter European Media Policy provides an up-date on policy developments at the European level. The April issue is now available for download.

NEWS | 11 Apr 2016

Reports on TV and public service news

What is happening to television news front coverTwo new reports from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford, digs deeper into the future of television news and public service media and the challenges they currently face. Both reports are part of the Digital News Project and have Danish media reseacher Rasmus Kleis Nielsen as co-author.

NEWSLETTER | 6 Apr 2016

New issue of Media Trends in the Nordic countries

This new issue of Media trends in the Nordic countries reports from a number of Nordic media use surveys, in which both stability and fragmentation, together with young people’s changing media patterns, are key words.

NEWS | 6 Apr 2016

Increasing video-on-demand viewing in the Nordic countries

Viewing of audiovisual content is increasing in the Nordic countries. This is due to a growth in video-on-demand viewing while at the same time the overall consumption of linear TV is quite stable.

NEWS | 4 Apr 2016

Public service news and digital media

Can public service news organisations stay competitive in a digital environment? A new Reuters Institute report shows that while some public service news organisations in Europe – notably the BBC in the UK and Yle in Finland – have invested heavily and are navigating the challenges brought by digital media well, others are struggling to adapt.

NEWS | 4 Apr 2016

Media Pluralism Monitor Report 2015

The Media Pluralism Monitor aims to assess the risks to media pluralism in the EU countries. The 2015 results for Finland and Sweden, the two Nordic countries included in the study, show a generally good state for media pluralism, but with warning signs due to a concentration in media ownership. 


Nordicom Books Published Online Free-of-Charge

One of Nordicom’s main responsibilities — commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Swedish Ministry of Culture — is to publish statistics and analyses about the media sector. In addition, Nordicom is mandated to publish relevant research anthologies. During winter 2015/2016 Nordicom began free-of-charge downloading of most publications.

Nordicom Review | 1 Apr 2016

Nordicom Review - Online First

Since its establishment in 1980, Nordicom Review has undergone major changes. Initially, the journal was a forum for specifically Nordic researchers in which to publish their research results. Today, Nordicom Review is no longer simply a regional journal, but holds its own with other research journals in the field of media and communication research. In order to better meet demands from researchers, publishing online first is now being launched.