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New publication | 14 Oct 2014

New Wars, New Media and New War Journalism

In this book, the authors discuss media coverage of major conflicts, from the Gulf War in 1990/91  to the NATO military operations in Libya in 2011 and the now ongoing civil war in Syria. Through in-depth analysis of Norwegian and Swedish media coverage of the Kosovo conflict in 1999, the Afghanistan War from 2001, the Iraq War from 2003 as well as more recent conflicts, the authors claim that legal issues are poorly covered in the running news coverage of major conflicts.

NEWS | 14 Oct 2014

Norwegian media economy 2013

Profitable newspapers, a strengthened position for commercial television, increasing revenue for advertising in online newspapers but also major cost reductions. These are some of the characteristics of the Norwegian media development, as described in a report on media economy by the Norwegian Media Authority.

NEWS | 9 Oct 2014

The Media Barometer 2013, Special Issue: Young People and Media

[NORDICOM] New publication: The Media Barometer 2013, Special Issue: Young People and Media

Conference | 6 Oct 2014

EBU Knowledge Exchange 2014

Dr Ulla Carlsson, Director of Nordicom, is key note speaker at the 2014 edition of the EBU conference.
The theme of Dr Carlsson's speech is Public Service Media and the Young: Media use and challenges to democracy from a Nordic horizon.
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NEWS | 30 Sep 2014

A tough year for Swedish newspapers

2013 turned out to be the worst year in modern times for the Swedish newspaper industry, with declines in both circulation and revenue. The economic drop is mainly due to decreasing advertising revenues. This is shown in a report on newspaper economy by the Swedish Press Subsidies Council.

Conference | 10 Sep 2014

Studying Journalist Interns

Seminar at the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics,  University of Copenhagen, 27th – 28th November

When educating new journalists, an important part of the training takes place when the journalist students do their internship. In this socialisation process, what the students learn, and what values are either enforced, reinforced or abandoned, is crucial to the future of educating journalists and the future of journalism. Yet, we do not know much about the process as a whole: From when the students enter the journalism education to the stage at which they practice journalism professionally.

NEWSLETTER | 3 Sep 2014

European Media Policy - new issue published

[NORDICOM] Welcome to the newsletter European Media Policy.  The September issue provides an up-date on policy developments in the fields of privacy/data protection, freedom of expression, Internet governance, and other current media issues at the European level.

NEWS | 26 Aug 2014

Facebook and newspapers - young people’s news channels online

[NORDICOM] Facebook and newspapers’ websites are important channels for young people’s online news consumption. Other media web news reaches far fewer young people, according to figures from Nordicom-Sweden’s Media Barometer 2013.

NEWS | 21 Aug 2014

The Nordic countries increasingly mobile

Data volume over mobile networks is quickly increasing throughout the Nordic region. But there are differences between the countries in access and use of telecommunication services. Finland has the highest number of mobile subscriptions per capita and Denmark has the most fixed broadband subscriptions, while Sweden is at the top when it comes to fast broadband. This is shown in a joint telecommunication markets publication from the Nordic telecom regulators.

Call for abstracts | 12 Aug 2014

The Scandinavian Invasion - Perspectives on the Nordic Noir Phenomenon

Scholars are  invited to submit abstract for a collection on the Nordic Noir Phenomenon.
The crime genre has a long-established history in the Scandinavian countries: from the ten-part series of novels by Sjöwall and Wahlöö featuring Inspector Martin Beck to Henning Mankell’s critique of Swedish society through the lens of the Kurt Wallander novels.

SMID | 11 Aug 2014

Call for Papers – SMiD’s Biennial Meeting

SMiD have announced the theme of this year’s meeting and invites researchers to contribute to the discussions. The theme for the meeting will be “Danish Media Research: state of the art – future prospects” and it will take place at Sinatur Hotel Storebælt in Nyborg on 30-31 October 2014. Deadline for abstracts is 1 September 2014.

PUBLICATIONS | 26 Jun 2014

Nordicom-Sweden’s Media Barometer: Increasing Digital Divides

[NORDICOM] At the same time as more time is spent on media online, the digital divides are increasing. This is shown in Nordicom-Sweden’s media use report Media Barometer 2013, published in June.

NEWS | 26 Jun 2014

Finland: Papers are increasingly read online

Nine of ten Finns read printed press every week, but reading on digital platforms is increasing. This is reported by Statistics Finland in the newly published Finnish Mass Media 2013.

NEWS | 25 Jun 2014

Digital News Report 2014

In Finland, Denmark and the UK, traditional brands still dominate online news while pure players and social media have made comparatively few inroads. This is revealed in a report on online news consumption from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

Media Research | 24 Jun 2014

Doris Graber Award to Danish Media Researcher

Spring has been great to media researcher Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, who is a lecturer at Roskilde University and Research Fellow at Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. This May he was awarded the prestigious Doris Graber Award 2014 by the American Political Science Association for his book Ground Wars: Personalized Communication in Political Campaigns.


Nordicom Review | 12 Jun 2014

Nordicom Review - New Issue

The aim of the refereed journal in English, Nordicom Review, is to make Nordic research and research findings known to the international research community and thereby to facilitate contacts and collaboration between researchers in the Nordic region and colleagues in the rest of the world. The hard-copy journal has a subscribed circulation of 2,000 in more than 130 countries outside the Nordic region.

NEWS | 10 Jun 2014

What is the state of the media in Denmark?

Half of Internet advertising revenues in Denmark go to foreign operations. Of the total advertising spending, a fifth goes outside the country. This is one of many challenges for the media, as described in a new report from the Danish Agency for Culture.

NEWS | 10 Jun 2014

The Norwegian Newspaper Year 2013

The year 2013 was a less successful year for newspapers in Norway. Their circulation dropped heavily and advertising revenue from print fell even more, as presented in an annual report on the Norwegian newspaper year by media researcher Sigurd Høst.

Doctoral Conferment | 10 Jun 2014

Nordicom's Director Ulla Carlsson Honorary Doctor in Tampere

The Director of Nordicom, Professor Ulla Carlsson was one of nine Honorary Doctors at the joint doctoral conferment of the School of Communication, Media and Theatre, the School of Education and the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Tampere.


EVENT | 9 Jun 2014

Nordicom participates at Nordiskt Forum

Nordicom will participate in two seminars at Nordiskt forum in Malmö, June 12-15. Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014 – New Action on Women’s Rights is a conference arranged by the women’s rights movement in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The regional conference manifests the determination of women in the Nordic countries to promote girls’ and women’s empowerment and achieve gender equality. Nordicom contributes by sharing knowledge from the project  Nordic Gender & Media Forum at a seminar on Friday at 12 and Saturday at 2 pm.