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NordMedia | 10 Dec 2014

Proposals Deadline 18 December

The biannual NordMedia conference is arranged by the Nordic media research associations in cooperation with Nordicom and the host university, this year by the University of Copenhagen.

An opening of a new division has now become possible. Researchers with no or limited affiliation to any of the 10 divisions may use this opportunity to establish their own arena for exchange of specialised knowledge in a specific field. Proposals should be e-mailed no later than December 18th.

Nordicom Review | 9 Dec 2014

Nordicom Review - new issue - open access

Nordicom Review, a refereed journal, provides a major forum for media and communication researchers in the Nordic countries. This semi-annual journal is addressed to the international scholarly community.

Publication | 4 Dec 2014

Media Innovations

Media Innovations. A Multidisciplinary Study of Change, edited by Arne H. Krumsvik and Tanja Storsul is out of print but is available as a free PDF

NEWSLETTER | 3 Dec 2014

Up-date on media policy developments in Europe

NORDICOM's newsletter European Media Policy provides an up-date on policy developments at the European level. The December issue is available for download.

Conference | 26 Nov 2014

NordMedia - Call for Papers

NordMedia2015 invite you to submit abstracts for the 2015 conference under the theme Media Presence – Mobile Modernities. Deadline for submitting abstracts is February 25th, 2015. The conference accepts abstracts for full papers, extended abstracts, panel proposals and poster presentations.

NEWS | 25 Nov 2014

Decline in the Finnish Media Market

In 2013, the value of the Finnish mass media market amounted to around EUR 4.1 billion. It was nearly three per cent less than the year before. Except for television and web advertising, all media sectors showed negative changes 2012-2013, according to annual data on the mass media market by Statistics Finland.

NEWS | 20 Nov 2014

Swedes and the Internet 2014

In the past twenty years, the Internet has become part of many Swedes’ everyday life. And still, the Internet continues to spread to more and more Swedes, in both access and use. More people are also connecting more frequently during the day, and the time spent online is growing. Behind this trend is the increased use of smartphones and tablets, according to the report Swedes and the Internet 2014 by .SE, the Internet Infrastructure Foundation.

NEWS | 19 Nov 2014

Nordic Statistical Yearbook 2014

Nordic Statistical Yearbook is published for the 52nd time. The book, which is published by the Nordic Council of Ministers, provides a comprehensive statistics on the life in the Nordic countries and shed lights on both similarities and differences.

NEWS | 17 Nov 2014

Nordic cultural statistics on the agenda

[NORDICOM] Is there a need for coordinated Nordic cultural statistics? If so, what are the possibilities to create such a knowledge resource? This was discussed by a group of representatives of politics, practice and research at a Nordic expert meeting in October, organized by Nordicom.

NordMedia2015 | 14 Nov 2014

Media Presence – Mobile Modernities

The two keynote speakers for the NordMedia 2015 conference have now been announced: Professor Franc Biocca, Director of Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University and Associate Professor Lee Humphreys, Department of Communication, Cornell University.

Media Research | 5 Nov 2014

Danish Media Researcher will start as Director of Research at Oxford University

Associate Professor at Roskilde University (RUC) Rasmus Kleis Nielsen got a new job at the prestigious Oxford University, UK. In January he will begin working as Director of Research and Development at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

Conference | 5 Nov 2014

Nordic Data Conference

NODA15 is the second Nordic Conference for Data Journalism.
The conference is a meeting place for everyone interested in the revival of journalistic methods and presentations through new digital tools.

EVENT | 5 Nov 2014

Making change – working towards gender equality in the media

[NORDICOM] How can the media industry promote gender equality? What difference can activists make? How can research contribute to developing and sharing knowledge? These issues are in focus at a seminar in Vilnius in December.

NEWS | 3 Nov 2014

Top 25 Nordic media companies in 2013

[NORDICOM] Five Nordic media companies are significantly larger than the other players on the market. At the top is Swedish Bonnier, with revenues of 50% more than Finnish Sanoma, which ranks second. Most profitable, however, are the TV distribution companies. This is shown in Nordicom’s list of the 25 largest Nordic media companies in 2013.

NEWS | 3 Nov 2014

Report on media development in Sweden

The Swedish Broadcasting Authority's annual report Media Development 2014 describes the Swedish media market with a focus on media consumption, industry structure and regulation.

New publication | 30 Oct 2014

Access to Information in the Nordic Countries

Principles of freedom of information require authorities and other public agencies to provide access to authentic documents and data. The demand for authenticity is the raison d’être of the right-of-access principle.

Conference | 23 Oct 2014

Users across Media

The research project "Meaning Across Media" invites to the conference "Users Across Media" where topics contributing to the further development of the study of cross-media communication in a user perspective will be discussed. Call for papers 15. december 2014.

Nordicom | 20 Oct 2014

New Director of Nordicom

After many years as Director of Nordicom, Ulla Carlsson is moving to a new position in the University of Gothenburg. She has been appointed to the UNESCO Chair in Freedom of Expression, Media Development and Global Policy.

She will be succeeded at Nordicom by Ingela Wadbring, currently Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall. Dr Wadbring will assume the directorship at 1 February 2015.