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07 Mar 2012

Almost all 9- to 24-year-old Swedes use the internet. Most of them do so daily, and the older they are, the more they use it. Yet, this does not mean that they have stopped ceased using traditional media, says Professor Olle Findahl, who has conducted a study on young people’s media habits on behalf of NORDICOM at the University of Gothenburg.

17 Jun 2011

Use of social media on the rise:
Eight young people in ten use social media the average day; their internet use displaces reading for pleasure and radio listening.

Differences between the sexes still prevail:
While young men play computer games, young women read books and blog.

Every year, Nordicom at Göteborg University takes a barometer reading of media use in Sweden. Media Barometer data were first collected in 1979. These are some of the findings of the 2010 survey.