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NEWSLETTER | 22 Dec 2020

European Media Policy 3/2020 – a new issue is out!

On 15 december the EU Commission unveiled a new rulebook for digital platforms. The bigger the platform, the tougher the rules. Find out more in this new issue of our European newsletter.
NEWSLETTER | 21 Dec 2020

Welcome to Nordicom's new and improved newsletter!

The Corona Spring 2020 led to an increased demand for news and media content in the Nordic countries. But it also led to large advertising losses for the media industry. Read more in this new – and re-designed – issue of Nordicom’s Nordic newsletter.
NEWS | 16 Dec 2020

Digital steps during the corona pandemic

The Swedish Internet Foundation's annual survey The Swedes and the Internet, shows that the corona pandemic has affected our Internet habits – particularly more and more pensioners have started using the Internet during the pandemic. Most new Internet users are 76 years old or older.
NEWS | 15 Dec 2020

Pandemic increased news and media usage in the Nordics

The Corona pandemic has led to increased demand for news in the Nordic countries. The increase for television news is particularly clear, while social media as a news source has played a minor role. These are some of the results from national Corona surveys during Spring and Summer 2020.

Global tech giants control our news consumption

Global tech giants, with Google and Facebook in the forefront, have increasing power over the news media. Being in a monopoly-like position on the digital advertising market, they are indirectly able to control what kind of journalism reaches digital media users, according to a new study, published by Nordicom. To resist the power of the tech giants, media organisations, as well as countries, have to cooperate.
NEWS | 10 Dec 2020

Growth for podcasts in the Nordics – find listening data here

Podcasts are steadily gaining a bigger audience in the Nordic region. The most avid listeners are found among people aged 15–45, among the highly educated and in the big cities. This article guides you to more data and interesting results in the separate Nordic countries.
NEWS | 07 Dec 2020

The Finnish media economy in 2019

New media market data from Statistics Finland show growing revenues for television, radio and other audio media in 2019. In contrast, for newspapers and magazines, the downward trend continues.
NEWS | 07 Dec 2020

Norwegian media economy: Pandemic causes large ad drop

20 per cent of advertising revenue is gone due to the Corona pandemic. In its latest media economy report, the Norwegian Media Authority presents new data on Corona’s effect on Norwegian media.
EVENT | 26 Nov 2020

Challenging times for the Swedish media market

Digital advertising platforms dominate, the newspaper market has reached a new bottom and the corona pandemic caused a socioeconomic breakdown with severe consequences for the advertising market. These are some of the results from the 2020 edition of Medieutveckling – Medieekonomi, an annual report about media economics in Sweden, published by the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority.

The news media won’t reach gender equality for another 70 years

Women are underrepresented in the news media in almost every country in the world. If progress does not accelerate, it will be several decades before the news media reaches gender equality. These are results from a study published by Nordicom, in which a group of researchers have developed a new index, measuring gender equality in the news media.