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NEWS | 28 Nov 2016

Young people’s news consumption in Norway

Nine of ten young Norwegians check out the news every day, often several times a day, and the smartphone stands out as their main source of news. These are some of the results of a survey of young people’s news consumption in a digitized everyday life.
NEWS | 28 Nov 2016

Nordicom Review continues to develop

In November 2016, Nordicom Review’s new editorial board was completed. This is one of many steps taken during recent years to further develop the journal into one of a clear international standard.
NEWS | 23 Nov 2016

Decline in the Finnish media market in 2015

In 2015, the value of the Finnish media market continued downward. However, there was some growth in a few media sectors, particularly cinemas with a more than 25 per cent increase in sales. This is shown in Statistics Finland’s overview on the Finnish mass media market.
NEWS | 23 Nov 2016

The Swedes and the Internet in 2016

On average, the Swedes use the Internet 24 hours a week, and the Internet has become the most important source of information. This is reported in the “The Swedes and the Internet 2016”, the annual report produced by the Internet Foundation in Sweden (IIS).
NEWS | 23 Nov 2016

Media development in Denmark in 2016 - English summary

The young and elderly populations have moved in opposite directions in traditional media consumption – a decrease for the young and an increase for the elderly. But the elderly are well on the move in using digital media. Read the English summary of the Media Development in Denmark report.
NEWS | 15 Nov 2016

Swedish inquiry suggests platform-neutral media subsidies

The Swedish press subsidies should be replaced with a broader media subsidy. In addition to printed newspapers, the digital media, free media, and news agencies would also be able to receive financial support for news production. This is recommended by the government media inquiry.
NEWS | 15 Nov 2016

Five future scenarios from the Danish Public Service Committee

On November 7, the Danish Public Service Committee published its report on public service in the new media reality. In it, they propose five future media scenarios that include both a disappearance of public service funding and a strengthening of the largest public service institution in Denmark, DR.
NEWS | 09 Nov 2016

Global challenges for the Nordic media industry

Competition from global players in the advertising market is growing. But what consequences do the operations by, for instance, Google and Facebook have for media and journalism in the Nordic countries? This will be examined by Nordicom in a new study.
NEWS | 02 Nov 2016

Extra funds to develop Nordicom’s media use survey

When the Swedish government’s budget for 2017 was presented in September, Nordicom was allocated an additional  500,000 SEK. This money will be used to develop Nordicom’s annual media use survey.
NEWS | 01 Nov 2016

Half the world’s population is still offline

Internet access is approaching saturation in the developed world. At the same time, however, half the world’s population is still offline. Iceland and Finland are world leaders in Internet use and mobile broadband subscriptions, respectively. All this according to the report State of Broadband 2016.