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NEWS | 01 Dec 2015

Five trends affecting future cultural habits

   In a report released in October, the Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy Analysis addresses a number of trends in society that may have an important impact on the cultural habits of young and elderly people, as well as cultural policy in the future.
NEWS | 26 Nov 2015

Open access resources on media law in Europe

The  implementation of the Audiovisual Media Service Directive and the public service media remit are the subjects of two open access resources, recently launched by the European Audiovisual Observatory.

Hets och hat online

Den digitala utvecklingen har inneburit enorma möjligheter att sprida budskap, kommunicera och bilda opinion. Men som så ofta finns det också en baksida. Detta nummer av Nordicom-Information handlar om trakasserier, hets och hat online.

The Free Daily Press in Europe 1995-2015

The free daily newspaper was created in Scandinavian countries in the mid-1990s. Today it's part of the everyday life of millions of Europeans. The Free Daily Press in Europe 1995-2015  is an event aimed to promote an indepth debate on this particular massmedium that has been circulating in cities for the past 20 years. Abstracts must reach the scientific committee by 30 November 2015.
NEWS | 17 Nov 2015

The Swedes and the Internet 2015

Over 90 per cent of the Swedish population has access to the Internet, and on average they use the Internet three hours a day. Almost eight in ten use social media, more and more watch movies and TV on the web, and more pay for streaming services. These are some of the results reported in The Swedes and the Internet 2015, by the Internet Foundation in Sweden.
NEWS | 16 Nov 2015

Norwegian media economy 2014

The Norwegian Media Authority has published its annual report on Norwegian media economy. It shows that commercial broadcasting has increased its revenues, but that the development of the media industry as a whole is marked by the decline in the newspaper economy.
NEWS | 16 Nov 2015

Swedish newspaper economy 2014

After the 2013 downturn of the Swedish newspaper industry’s profit level, 2014 turned up again. But with a continuing fall in circulation and ad revenues, the industry is facing major challenges, according to a report analysing the 2014 Swedish newspaper economy.
NEWS | 22 Oct 2015

New Center for Political Communication

POLKOM is the name of a research group at the Department of Media and Communication (IMK) at the University of Oslo.

Nordicom Review no 2/2015

  A new issue of the Nordicom Review is released. Read the article on the Mediatized Zlatan, Made by Sweden, and other articles on Nordic media research, by Nordic media researchers.
NEWS | 15 Oct 2015

UNESCO study: Principles for governing the Internet

UNESCO has launched a new study called “Principles for governing the Internet”. This reviews and analyses more than 50 Internet-specific declarations and frameworks relevant to Internet principles.