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NEWS | 03 Nov 2014

Top 25 Nordic media companies in 2013

[NORDICOM] Five Nordic media companies are significantly larger than the other players on the market. At the top is Swedish Bonnier, with revenues of 50% more than Finnish Sanoma, which ranks second. Most profitable, however, are the TV distribution companies. This is shown in Nordicom’s list of the 25 largest Nordic media companies in 2013.
NEWS | 03 Nov 2014

Report on media development in Sweden

The Swedish Broadcasting Authority's annual report Media Development 2014 describes the Swedish media market with a focus on media consumption, industry structure and regulation.

Access to Information in the Nordic Countries

Principles of freedom of information require authorities and other public agencies to provide access to authentic documents and data. The demand for authenticity is the raison d’être of the right-of-access principle.
NEWS | 20 Oct 2014

New Director of Nordicom

After many years as Director of Nordicom, Ulla Carlsson is moving to a new position in the University of Gothenburg. She has been appointed to the UNESCO Chair in Freedom of Expression, Media Development and Global Policy. She will be succeeded at Nordicom by Ingela Wadbring, currently Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall. Dr Wadbring will assume the directorship at 1 February 2015.

New Wars, New Media and New War Journalism

In this book, the authors discuss media coverage of major conflicts, from the Gulf War in 1990/91  to the NATO military operations in Libya in 2011 and the now ongoing civil war in Syria. Through in-depth analysis of Norwegian and Swedish media coverage of the Kosovo conflict in 1999, the Afghanistan War from 2001, the Iraq War from 2003 as well as more recent conflicts, the authors claim that legal issues are poorly covered in the running news coverage of major conflicts.
NEWS | 14 Oct 2014

Norwegian media economy 2013

Profitable newspapers, a strengthened position for commercial television, increasing revenue for advertising in online newspapers but also major cost reductions. These are some of the characteristics of the Norwegian media development, as described in a report on media economy by the Norwegian Media Authority.
NEWS | 09 Oct 2014

The Media Barometer 2013, Special Issue: Young People and Media

[NORDICOM] New publication: The Media Barometer 2013, Special Issue: Young People and Media
NEWS | 30 Sep 2014

A tough year for Swedish newspapers

2013 turned out to be the worst year in modern times for the Swedish newspaper industry, with declines in both circulation and revenue. The economic drop is mainly due to decreasing advertising revenues. This is shown in a report on newspaper economy by the Swedish Press Subsidies Council.

Studying Journalist Interns

Seminar at the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics,  University of Copenhagen, 27th – 28th November When educating new journalists, an important part of the training takes place when the journalist students do their internship. In this socialisation process, what the students learn, and what values are either enforced, reinforced or abandoned, is crucial to the future of educating journalists and the future of journalism. Yet, we do not know much about the process as a whole: From when the students enter the journalism education to the stage at which they practice journalism professionally.
NEWSLETTER | 03 Sep 2014

European Media Policy - new issue published

[NORDICOM] Welcome to the newsletter European Media Policy.  The September issue provides an up-date on policy developments in the fields of privacy/data protection, freedom of expression, Internet governance, and other current media issues at the European level.