In addition to the regular activities of monitoring, collecting and delivering knowledge about media development and media research in the Nordic countries, Nordicom is committed to many externally funded projects that take place over shorter or longer periods. 


Ongoing projects 


Nordicom Review Special Issues

Twice a year, Nordicom publishes Special Issues of the journal Nordicom Review, with external editors. At the moment, we’re working on two Special Issues that are expected to be released by the turn of the year 2018/2019. The first one has the theme ”Making sense of small and big data as onlife traces” and guest editors are Anja Bechmann at Aarhus University and Kjetil Sandvik at the University of Copenhagen. The second issue will be about hyperlocal media in the Nordic region and guest editors are  Jaana Hujanen, Carl-Gustav Lindén and Katja Lehtisaari, all at the University of Helsinki. 



Recently completed projects



News consumption among children and youth in a transformed media landscape

As part of Sweden’s presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers 2018, Nordicom and the Swedish Media Council is conducting a project that aims to disseminate knowledge on the relation between children, youth and news/societal information in the Nordic-Baltic region.

The media landscape has transformed from analogue to digital the last decades. Different generations have different frames regarding media, since they have grown up in different media environments. The main news and information source for children and youth are social media and in addition, a lot of children and youth produce their own media. Accordingly, children and youth need qualified digital skills

The project will result in an anthology and a seminar during 2018. 

For questions please contact: Jonas Ohlsson


The economy of the Swedish media industry

One of the ongoing projects that Nordicom conducts for the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority is to analyse the economy of the Swedish media industry, and its development over time. Competition is tough for the media, which is reflected in falling levels of both revenue and performance, such that, in many cases, media companies have been forced to make big savings in recent years. The report from 2017 was presented in October 2018 and is available to download free of charge at the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority website. 

For questions please contact: Jonas Ohlsson


Media and information literacy (MIL) for well-informed and committed citizens

Many of today’s social issues are linked to the digitalization and its effects. New demands are placed on the citizens in a digitalized communication culture – regardless of age – in terms of ability and opportunities to find and acquire information, and to express themselves. Central to this is democracy and human rights. In order to strengthen MIL, Nordicom has been commissioned by the government to draw up a knowledge-based overview of the area. The overview is based on a previous survey carried out by the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority. A conference was held in May 2018, and a knowledge overview was published in August 2018. 

Om behalf of Nordicom, the UNESCO Chair in Freedom of Expression at the University of Gothenburg, Nordicom’s former director, Ulla Carlsson, is in charge of the project in collaboration with the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO, the Swedish Media Council and the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority.

For questions please contact: Ulla Carlsson