About Cookies

The Electronic Communication Act, a Swedish law that took effect 25th July 2003, requires users of cookies to inform visitors to their sites that cookies are in use. Visitors shall also be given the option of avoiding them.

A “cookie” is a tiny file that the site you visit stores in your computer. The cookie communicates with the server that created it. The information in a cookie allows the site to track a visitor’s internet use.

The Nordicom site uses cookies in the “Shopping Cart” function. If you have altered the preferences on your web reader so that it rejects cookies, you may order our publications via e-mail, fax or telephone, instead.

More information about the Act and cookies, etc., is available in English on the home page of The National Post and Telecom Agency, PTS, at www.pts.se/sidor/sida.asp?SectionID=1930&ItemID=&LanguageID=EN.