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Nordicom - Den svenska mediemarknaden

Nordicom - The Swedish Media Market

The Swedish Media Market is a bi-annual publication in Swedish, which presents the Swedish media companies and other media interests active in Sweden. Ownership structure, activities and economic data. Publication available online.

Nordicom-Sveriges Mediebarometer

Nordicom-Sweden's Media Barometer

The annual survey, Nordicom-Sveriges Mediebarometer, covers pentration and use of a wide range of media in Sweden. Several times series start in 1979. Basic tables are available on the website (also in English).

Nordisk bransjestatistikk bøker

Nordic Book Statistics Report

Report on the Nordic book market, jointly produced by the publisher associations in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Link to the report for 2014, in English, PDF-format. 

Nordisk Film & TV Fond

A fund having the purpose to promote the production of audio-visual projects in the Nordic countries. It participates in the financing of feature films, TV-fiction, TV-series, short films and creative documentaries, and also administers funds from the Nordic Council of Ministers. Partners in the Fund are The Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordic national film institutes and broadcasting corporations. The site offers information and statistics about Nordic films.


Nordvision is a television and media partnership involving the public service broadcasting organisations in the Nordic countries. Annual reports present data on exchange of programs, co-productions, format cooperation, etc.

Norsk Filminstitutt

Norwegian Film Institute

With the objective to preserve, support and distribute Norwegian and foreign films. Hosts a national film archive.

Norsk Kulturråd

Arts Council Norway

Administers the Norwegian Culture Fund, including subsidies for literature and phonogram production. Publishes annual reports.

Norsk Lokalradioforbund

Association of Local Radio in Norway

Organises the local radio stations in Norway. Data on radio listening and news on the local radio sector. (The website is in Norwegian only)

NTV – Norges Televisjon

A company owned by TV 2, NRK and Telenor, responsible for operating the digital terrestrial TV network in Norway.

Nuorisotutkimusseura / Ungdomsforskningssällskapet

Finnish Youth Research Society

A non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting multidisciplinary youth research in Finland. The goal is to develop youth research and to provide information and expertise on matters relating young people. Publishes Children's Media Barometer (Lasten Mediabarometri) about children 0-8 years. Summaries in English are available here.

OECD, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

OECD directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation offers statistics and reports on Internet economy, broadband and telecom, etc.  Moreover, the OECD report "The Evolution of News and the Internet" (June 2010) provides an insight in the global newspaper market, its economics, development of online news, related challenges and policy approaches.

Ofcom, Office of Communications

Ofcom is the British media authority. Publishes e.g. reports on the communications market in the UK as well as international communications market reports, aiming to compare the UK communications sector with a range of countries in order to assess how the UK is performing in an international context.

Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö OKM / Undervisnings- och kulturministeriet

Ministry of Education and Culture

The ministry publishes library statistics on a regular basis. Also information on other cultural fields, such as literature, film and audiovisual culture, cultural industry, etc.

Polaris Nordic alliance

An alliance of the Danish, Finnish and Norwegian music copyright societies Koda, Teosto and TONO. Has presented a study on digital music consumption in the Nordic countries (PDF), October 2018.

Póst- og fjarskiptastofnun

The Post and Telecom Administration in Iceland

Publishes a statistical report on the Icelandic electronic communications market twice a year. Available in English.


Danish Producers Association

Association of Danish film and TV producers and game developers (content producers). Presents market data for the film, TV and game industry.

PTS – Post- och Telestyrelsen

National Post and Telecom Agency

The National Post and Telecom Authority, PTS, is the authority that monitors the electronic communications and postal sectors. The term electronic communication includes the telecommunications, ICT and radio sectors. PTS publishes a number of reports on its website. The documents and supporting data for the for the Agency's regular reports ‘The Swedish Telecommunications Market’ and ‘The PTS Survey of Individuals’ are published on the PTS Statistical portal.

Public servicerådet (PSR)

The Public Service Council

The Public Service Council is a think tank and network aiming to defend and promote the basic values of public service broadcasting. It is an independent NGO and participates in the public dialogue and the official consultations about public service. The council publishes two news blogs: about radio and television Public Access (in Swedish) and about radio Digital Radio FM Insider  (in English).

RadioMedia / Suomen Radioiden Liitto SRL ry

RadioMedia / Assocation of Finnish Broadcasters

Branch organisation to promote and develop the Finnish private radio industry. RadioMedia is the market name for the association. The site provides data about radio stations plus a general overview of commercial radio in Finland.

Riksförbundet Öppna Kanaler

National Association of Open Channels

The National Association of Open Channels (Riksförbundet Öppna Kanaler) is an organisation for community or public access television. The different local channels are distributed through cable to approximately 1 million Swedish households in total (must carry). In Spring 2015 Community Media Sweden (CMS), a new umbrella organization, was constituted by National Association of Open Channels (ROK) and Community Radio Association (NRO).